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Simon Hopes

Made to Measure Staircases Getting It Right!

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Anyone that has been through the rigmarole of renovations or a new build is likely to have come across one aspect of their project that can be a real headache if it goes wrong. The staircase never seems to crop up in early planning apart from being a drawing on the architectural plans that says this is where the stairs will go. When it actually comes around to fitting the stairs, this is where the real challenge begins.

Almost every new staircase will need to be made to fit. Some people will take out staircases in small spaces and replace them by readymade stairs such as spiral stairs. However, in most cases, the stairs will need to be measured and then made to fit.
The decisions that need to be made before installing a made to fit staircase include materials being used, such as wood, metals, concrete and so on. Once the best material has been decided, then a specialist will need to be sought out. For instance, if you wanted a hand made wood staircase, you would look to companies such as

Here are just some of the situations you will need made to fit staircases:

Replacing an Existing Staircase
Replacing a staircase is not easy. Sometimes it is just better keeping the old infrastructure and making do with what you already have. However, at least fifty percent of the time, the chances are you will need to completely rip out the current stairs and replace them in order for the renovation project to live up to its maximum potential.

Moving a Staircase
In any project in which the stairs need to be moved the complications are two-fold. There is the filling of the space of the old staircase area, and then there is the positioning of the new staircase. You could also go as far as trying to figure out how the staircase being moved affects the structure of the building.

New Property Build
Building a new property is actually quite fun when you are going through the design phase. On the other hand, getting the right contractors in and the whole timing of the different aspects of the new build that need to coincide can cause delays as well as cost overruns. The latter being the not so glamourous side of building your own home. One of the areas that can actually be left until last is the staircase. Temp staircases can be put in and then the final made to fit staircase can be put in later.

Commercial Builds
Commercial office builds are becoming more about the ambiance of the office being made these days. Wooden staircases are very popular in the commercial property field these days because there was a period where you would rarely find wooden stairs in an office. Now it is considered stylish to have stair crafted from wood inside an office leading up to the next floor or up to a mezzanine floor area.

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