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Your Guide to Choosing the Best Window Company in Edmonton

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If your windows are drafty, leaking, or warped, it may be time replacement or upgrades. Yet replacing and/or updating windows is often one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make into their property. Which means that selecting the right window company in Edmonton is a critical step in the process. Choosing the wrong company can result in shoddy craftsmanship, improper fitting, increased expense, and reduced energy efficiency.

In Edmonton, our windows endure a lot of wear and tear from the elements. So how do you know which window companies carry high-quality windows and have the experience necessary to get the job done right? What makes a window last longer, and which installers can you trust?

Luckily the team at Window Mart, a leading window company in Edmonton, has put together this guide to help local homeowners make the right choice.

Look for a Window Company that Values Transparency

How can you know your windows are high-quality? Search for a window company in Edmonton that prioritizes transparency with every step of the process, from window selection to warranties and pricing.

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The best installers are honest about the window types, installation techniques, and energy ratings necessary for your unique home. They won’t try to sell overpriced or unnecessary upgrades—and they won’t sell cheap windows prone to breakage.

Find out exactly which types of windows your installer plans to use. Then, do your own research to find out whether they’re looking out for your best interests. Companies that won’t go into detail or shy away from answering questions should be avoided.

What Kind of Window Materials do they Have Available

Different frame materials offer varying advantages (and disadvantages). A window company that carries high-quality, long-lasting frames with solid warranties and superior construction is important. While budget window companies might seem attractive, you often get what you pay for. You don’t need to break the bank, but you also probably shouldn’t go with the cheapest deal either.

For example, aluminum is inexpensive—but it doesn’t insulate well. Wood is a good insulator, but can rot over time (and requires extensive maintenance). Vinyl is one of the best window frame materials for insulation value, and doesn’t require ongoing maintenance. We recommend considering a contractor who offers vinyl as at least one of their frame options.

What Types of Installation do They Handle: Retrofitting vs.Total Replacement

Are your frames in perfect condition? You may simply want to retrofit a window to your existing frame. Or are your frames warped, rotting, or broken? If so, you may need an entirely new frame. Beware of contractors who attempt to sell you cheap retrofits when you need new windows, or new windows when an inexpensive retrofit will serve the same purpose.

Do they Have a Selection of Energy Star Rated Windows

Different areas of Canada have different energy star requirements. This is because, understandably, our country’s climate varies from province to province and region to region. You’ll need more protection against the cold here in Edmonton than you would in Victoria, for example. Make sure the window company you choose has a good selection of energy-efficient windows to select from. Your energy bill will thank you.

How Experienced are their Installers

If a window company installs your windows poorly, you’ll notice within a couple of years (or less). Leaking, warping, and breakage could occur—along with damage to your home. When contacting a window company in Edmonton, ask about their installers’ certifications, training, and experience. According to Consumer Reports, doing your due diligence and verifying the experience of an installer along with other qualifying questions is a key step in making sure you hire the right company.

Find a Window and Door Company that Offers Warranties

Did you know: Most windows carry a warranty! Ask your window company about the warranty on their windows. Read the warranty yourself, if possible. Find out what’s covered, what isn’t, and what the claims process involves. Don’t be afraid to call a second or third window company in Edmonton to ask about their warranties, too. Understanding your options can help you make a wise decision.

Choose a Window Company with Good Reviews

Finally, check the reputation for the window company in Edmonton you’re considering. Don’t just look at how many stars or reviews a company has. Dig a little deeper: What did customers love about this window company? What were the highlights of working with them? Is there anything that’s consistently left out of reviews—for example, is no one mentioning great customer service? Find an Edmonton window company that’s built a reputation for customer dedication and high product quality.

Closing Thoughts on Hiring the Best Window Company In Edmonton for your Next Project

Finding the best window company in Edmonton can be difficult. Nevertheless, with a little research and knowledge, you can weed out any contractors who are simply interested in your wallet. A window company that values quality, proper installation, and personal service can ensure your home stays well-insulated against Alberta’s harsh weather for years to come.

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