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Derek Lotts

8 Unbelievably Effective Bathroom Upgrades for High-End Look

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With the New Year on the horizon, now is the perfect time to begin ticking off those remaining renovations you had on your 2019 resolution list. The time is running out, and although the bathroom is one of the most expensive areas in the house to renovate, there are plenty of low-level, high-impact improvements you can make without blowing your holiday budget. If a natural stone tub and black marble tile aren't on the table, check out these inexpensive, but unbelievably effective bathroom transformation tips.

Hidden in plain sight

Hurricane jars stuffed with cotton balls have become a staple in many bathrooms we see in luxury home magazines. While the traditional look isn’t for everyone, some homeowners prefer their toiletries more concealed. However, one of the fool-proof ways to achieve a classy and stylish look is to contain your items. You don’t have to introduce additional storage aprons and cheap-looking hangers that only add to the clutter – simply pour your soap in a glass dispenser, store your toothbrush in a nice tumbler, and hold your cotton swabs in a darling box.

Game of thrones

It’s hard to beat the fact that almost every high-end bathroom has seating of some sort. Whether it's a simple teak stool, a tufted, ottoman, or an ornately carved claw-foot armchair, a dedicated bathroom throne that allows you to do your pedicure with more dignity than on the toilet seat makes a lot of difference. Not the mention the impact that raw wood and soft upholstery make against hard tile and stone.

Soft footing

A dirty or worn out bath math is enough to make your bathroom look neglected. If you have one, it’s probably high time you replaced it. However, instead of getting the same microfiber mat once more, take a hint from upscale spa-like bathrooms and consider a Turkish or Persian rug. These soft wool rugs are the perfect alternative to generic bath mats while adding a ton of personality to your bathroom, even in scaled-down dimensions.

Fresh splash

Undoubtedly the central piece in any bathroom, a new bathroom sink will help you achieve the style and feel you want. This upgrade makes a much bigger impact than other smaller fixtures, especially if you choose a fantastic period-inspired copper sink or the whole vanity unit. To find a style you'll be happy with, make sure to consider the overall look of your bathroom. Don't make a common mistake and leave the mirror frame mismatched. Once you replace the sink, chose a new mirror surround that matches its style.

Unique wallpaper

Whether it's bold geometric patterns or sensual floral shapes, bathroom wallpaper has a huge potential. It's more affordable than tiling, while the latest wallpaper technology allows us to change them easily when we acquire a different taste. You can even develop your own graphic wallpaper covering made from the pages of your favourite book. Just place wallpaper paste at the back of the pages and paste them on the bathroom wall.

Everything in its place

One trait that all great designers share is the ability to find a perfect spot for everything. If there's clutter everywhere and no place to hang your towels and robes, your bathroom easily goes from idyllic to messy. A small towel ring by the sink and a hook for your bathroom robe and additional towels can pass unnoticeable to an average guest, but can also add an enormous impact on the look and functionality of the room.

Playing checkers

The checkerboard floor is nothing new in bathroom design, and by now it can be considered a historical piece. However, no one disputes its ability to instantly make an average bathroom look luxurious and magnificent. You can opt for a monochromatic or gently coloured pattern, but in both cases, the room achieves an organized look that is both business-like and fun. This type of flooring needn’t be expensive either, as vinyl tiles are both easier to install and maintain, as well as less expensive than two-toned ceramic options. ​

Purposeful art

Sometimes even seemingly insignificant details can revive the bathroom without the need to redo the tilework. If you're not happy with the tile colour but don't have time/funds/permission to have them replaced, you can use wall art to minimise the impact of tile colour. Hang a painting or two that pull in the tile colour as a minor colour. Choose art pieces that feature colours that are present in your bathroom, and the whole space will magically come together.

Being creative and innovative in the bathroom is possible even with a limited budget. While planning a bathroom renovation, make sure to list your ideas first so you can get a clearer picture of what the final result will look like.

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