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How to Clean a Fabric Couch?

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Fabric couches take lots of abuse from eating meals in your family room or watching your favorite TV show; your fabric couch captures more cooking odors, body oils, and dust. Fabric couches are very hard to clean. You canít wash your fabric couches in the washing machine. So donít let stubbing stains and spills destroy sofaís style, just follow these easy steps on how to clean your fabric couch easily and safely.

Clean Your Fabric Couch Regularly

It is advisable to clean your fabric couch regularly, clean the spills and stains quickly before they dry. The fiber used in the fabric couch can collect the dirt and hide it underneath the surface. Below weíve added some good techniques to keep your fabric couch dirt and dust-free. Vacuuming your fabric couch is good to collect dust particles both above and under the surface. While using a vacuum cleaner, use a brush attachment to keep the fabric safe from marking and scratching the material. This is just because fabric stuff like velvet is very sensitives, and vacuum can damage the fabric. Also everyone should be knowing how professional carry out the sofa cleaning process to better understand about the procedure. It will also help you to decide what kind of cleaning your sofa required before consulting the professionals.

Carefully Read the Manufacturer Recommendation

It is advisable to read the manufactures recommendation before you start cleaning your fabric couch. Manufactures instruction are available on the hidden tag of your fabric couch. Never use cleaning solutions or detergents without following the recommendation of the fabric couch manufacturer. Failing to clean your fabric couch safely can damage the upholstery.

How to Clean Your Fabric Couch?

1. Surface Clean

After identifying the fabric material, take off cushions and brush down nooks and crannies, it is to get rid of garbage and bread crumbs that are stuck there. A white hand towel is best for rubbing on the stains or spots; it helps to break stains up. Never use color cloths for this purpose because it can leave the color shade on the fabric couch.

2. Remove Odors

After eliminating the crumbs and loosened any stains, now you have to start doing eliminate unsightly odours. Baking soda is a good solution for removing odors. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the fabric couch and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes. Now start vacuuming the fabric couch with broom attachment. If this isnít enough, just mix dry carpet cleaner with baking soda and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes; it will remove odors and make your fabric couch fresh and new.

3. Manage Stains

The pleasant and satisfactory way to manage tough stains on the fabric couch is to make your own cleaning solution. Blend 1 teaspoon of washing liquid, baking soda, warm water, and white vinegar. This solution will remove the stains quickly. Before you apply this solution on the fabric couch, just check the hidden tag of the material to make sure it will not discolor the fabric couch.

4. Vacuum

Various vacuums comes with appendage. It will help you clean your fabric couch easily. Just remove the cushion and clean the fabric couch with the vacuum cleaner. It will collect dirt, crumbs, and pet hairs easily. The vacuum makes it sure you never leave any dust particles or crumbs left on the couch. It is important to clean the fabric couch properly.

5. Steam

Upholstery steam cleaner is another good option for fabric couch cleaning. Before cleaning your fabric couch with steam cleaner, must read the manufacturer recommendations. Try to use the steam cleaner on the small area before you steam the whole fabric couch to make sure it is safe for your fabric couch. To do so, read the steam cleaner user manual. Read all instructions carefully before you start cleaning your fabric couch. Before you start steaming, vacuum the fabric with a vacuum cleaner. Turn on the fan and keep the air circulating in the room, open windows. It will help to prevent moisture from building up in the room. Pick a small area for test and test it with steam if it goes well now itís time to steam the whole fabric couch with a steam cleaner.

Let your fabric couch dry for a few minutes and vacuum it again with the help of a vacuum cleaner. It will help to collect any remaining dirt partials.

Cleaning Codes

Every fabric couch has some secret codes, and you can check these codes on the hidden tag. Just find the hidden tag on your fabric couch to clean it safely.

W- It means you can use a water-based cleaner to clean fabric.
S- You can clean your fabric couch with a water-free solvents or dry cleaning products.
WS- You can clean your fabric couch with water-based solvents and dry cleaning products.
X- You have to clean your sofa couch with the help of light vacuuming or brushing. Fabric with code X is not cleanable with water.

Dry the Fabric Couch

After cleaning your fabric couch, now, itís time to leave it to dry properly before you start using it again. The water on the fabric couch can cause mildew that can negate the efforts of cleaning. Let your fabric couch air dry for 12 hours. When it dries properly now, your new fabric couch is ready to serve you again!

Sanitize The Fabric Couch

The last but not the least, sanitizing is important. Sanitizing is very important to eliminate the germs from the upholstery. Spray the fabric couch by the commercial sanitizing spray. It will kill the germs completely and make your fabric couch safe to use again. Check out this article on sanitizing your couch in different ways.

Bottom Line

If you are looking to clean your fabric couch, you can clean it easily by following the techniques mentioned above. Now you can do it on your own safely. Regular cleaning of the fabric couch is very important because it collects lots of dirt, crumbs, pet hairs, and body oil. It is important to keep your fabric couch clean to maintain a healthy hygiene level in your home or office. Cleaning a fabric couch is worthy, and youíll get a new fabric couch again. Good luck with your fabric cleaning. Just try it, and youíll see the results.

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