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How can I boost productivity in my home office?

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Working remotely has its perks, but it can also present unique challenges to stay on task and move full steam ahead. If you feel held back from reaching your potential on the job, consider upgrading hidden components of your home office to increase productivity and put your best foot forward.


Fresh foliage does more than brighten things up in your workspace. In addition to oxygenating the air, multiple studies have found that natural additions to a room positively impact mood, increase self-esteem and boost productivity. If you already have a few plants here and there, take it a step further by installing a green wall. A handyman or carpenter can safely attach the fixture to weight-bearing studs; all you have to supply is a green thumb.

Conceal clutter

Few of us work best in "organized chaos." In fact, a messy workspace can devastate productivity. Multiple studies and data points suggest that disorganized desks and office spaces are the source of distraction and hours of searching for mishandled documents and lost information. Sometimes, this disorganization is digital. A professional organizer can help you clean up your work station whether it's on the computer or all over the floor.

Install new flooring

You might have wall-to-wall carpeting in your house, or maybe you have tile or stone. In any case, your home office should be a comfortable working space. So, whether it's soft carpet or laminate that puts you in the zone, it's worth it to take the extra step and upgrade your flooring. The cost of installation will depend on how large your space is and the material you choose.

Switch up decor

When it comes to productivity, decor is everything. Perhaps you work best with calming white walls, or maybe you're most productive with a few pops of bright color throughout your space. Whatever you've chosen, consider taking it a step further. Candles or oil diffusers with invigorating smells like lemon or peppermint can boost energy, promote concentration and improve clear thinking. Also consider using your space to your advantage; a chalkboard wall creates a perfect excuse to brainstorm without leaving the room. A professional painter can complete a job like this in a day or two, including any prep needed to protect your drywall.

Invest in new lighting

Think about when you feel the best at work: Is it a summer morning with the window open? How about an overcast winter afternoon when the light is "cooler" in temperature? While some experts suggest the latter promotes alertness, it's up to you to identify when you feel best at work and replicate that lighting. "Day bulbs" in your lamps can brighten up your late afternoons; anti-glare ceiling lights can reduce stress levels. Just be sure to consult an electrician if you're installing anything beyond a new bulb – it's extremely dangerous to DIY this type of work. And hiring a professional will go a long way in ensuring the safety of your family and home.

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  1. lewwy's Avatar
    Some great tips to improve your working life and boost productivity. One of the best tips I have for getting it done is not letting the kids in when I'm busy. I am building a tool reviews website and keeping the kids out has improved my work progress no end.
    Joking aside (not joking) it really is important to improve your working area because it can get a bit much sometimes when you feel like you spend every minute at work which is also home. It's a clever move to seperate the areas as much as possible.
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