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Which paint colors create a relaxing space?

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ID:	11299Does seafoam green really evoke feelings of renewal? Can periwinkle blue actually lull you to sleep?

Interior designers have long thought that paint color can affect our emotions, and color psychology backs up the hunch.

Here’s a look at the swatches that cultivate a calm and relaxed environment throughout your home.

Soothing blues

From iceberg to deep navy, almost any shade of blue can convey a sense of tranquility in a room. Darker tones make for tasteful accents in a library, den or drawing room. Softer hues in a master bed or guest room make falling asleep and waking up that much easier to do. Homeowners typically pay between $965 and $2,740 for interior painting

Room size and paint quality can affect overall cost.

Soft purples

Bold purple is said to stimulate creativity and imagination, while calling to mind romance and royalty. Its lighter notes, on the other hand, can generate a restful environment. A pale take on the regal color, like Farrow & Ball’s Calluna, contributes to a mellow ambiance. Set on making a statement? Consider a bright accent wall, like Pantone’s Violet Quartz, in your home office or entry way.

Easy greens

Evoke feelings of the great outdoors with cool shades of green in your kitchen. Even small or cramped spaces can benefit from the light and airy feel that a splash of mint or pistachio adds. Beware of tints that can overwhelm an area: Neon or lime green can invigorate or excite in small doses, but can overwhelm when it’s wall to wall. For a smaller update, consider repainting your cabinets instead of the entire room.

Cost typically starts around $385 for this type of work.

Shades of white

White and gray expand spaces, pushing the walls and ceilings out to make a room feel larger than it is. Love neutrals? Make thoughtful tweaks to plain grays or white, opting for a mix of whites, greens and yellow tones, like those found in PPG’s Oatmeal or Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter. In addition to opening things up, the colors bring a peaceful and timeless energy to your living room, bedroom and hallways.

Type of paint

A paint job is more than just a change of scenery. The type of paint you choose dampen or enhance the color you’ve chosen. High-quality paint has smaller pigments, which conceal previous coats and appear more dynamic. It also tends to be more durable and mold resistant than a cheaper paint, which lacks depth and requires more coats. Nationally, homeowners report paying between $20 and $100 per gallon of pain. A painting pro can help you decide on the quality level necessary to bring a feeling of calm to your home.

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