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The Best Time to Buy Furniture for Savings

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Start the Year With Spring Savings

The spring is a time when home sales start to trend upwards. Furniture retailers often try to entice people through their doors by offering discounts on indoor furniture. It's not a good idea to buy outdoor furniture in the spring, though, because things like barbecues, poolside furniture and patio sets are all in high demand, and that means higher prices. Stick to indoor furniture in the spring.

The Summer Slump

Summer sees a period of slowing sales. July is a month when hardly anyone is buying furniture. That's good news, though, because retailers run discounts to attract customers. Take advantage of this and pick up indoor furniture at deeply discounted prices. These items are end of line items, because new lines are due for release in August.

Outdoor furniture is usually discounted in August, so you can pick up a bargain then. You may not be able to use it immediately, since you will have missed out on the best of the summer weather, but if you're willing to be patient you'll have a lot of fun with it next year.

Back to School Fall Sales

If it's office furniture you want, fall is a good time to buy it, since retailers know that students and parents will be looking to buy too, so they time their promotions for that period of the year.

Spring and summer seasonal furniture is also discounted in the fall, since the retailers want to clear their stock so that they can make room for winter items. Savvy shoppers plan ahead for this.

Festive Fun in Winter

Furniture retailers sometimes struggle in the Winter, since most household budgets are too stretched from Christmas shopping for them to worry about beds or cabinets. Pay attention to prices and be patient at this time of year. If there's something you want, note the price before Christmas and if you can't buy, or don't want to buy, just yet, remember that price in January. You can get some great deals in the January sales, but not every discount is as big as the retailer likes to pretend it is. Don't be fooled by misleading price labels.

Get Local Deals

Support your local retailers, and watch out for sales at odd times of the year. Smaller retail stores may run a sale just to boost their numbers one month, and if you have money saved up you can get a great deal. Donít forget to check out reviews, like these Raymour and Flanigan reviews and find the best deals for you.

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