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Simon Hopes

Modern Shelving for a Fuss-Free Finish

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The modern home has everything – from Smart security to an ice machine on the outside of the freezer door… but does it have free-floating shelving? Only if you use the right equipment…

Putting up shelves has been a bugbear of the DIY expert since the dawn of time. It takes a whole afternoon, even though you always think it will take two minutes. Then there are the issues with straightness. Did you level it out right? Does it look OK from over there? Are you going to hit your head on it, every time you walk past?

All these problems, and more, can be solved with the right tools, the proper materials, and a little foresight. Don’t forget you need to read this guide first, too, if you want to get the best results. You can thank us later… after you have put a shelf up in two minutes that is straight, looks good, and won’t hit your face every time you are in the room.

Fitting a Shelf so it’s Straight

It sounds easy but it is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life. It’s not like wallpapering where it doesn’t really matter if it is straight, so long as it lines up. It’s not like coving, which can just be pushed into the corner and painted. No. A shelf needs to be 100% straight or it will annoy you with its presence, for the rest of your life.

So how do you fit a shelf straight the first-time round? You need a spirit level. Wherever you are drawing your proposed line on the wall as to where your shelf should be; place your spirit level against it and see if it is straight. If the bubble moves to either side of the center, then the shelf isn’t going to sit straight. Of course, if you have squint walls (which isn’t as ‘out there’ as you might think) then this won’t work. Your shelf might be as straight as possible – but it won’t look like it is against a wall that slopes.

Get around this by matching your shelfing to any lines in your walls. Keeping a parallel distance at both ends to the skirting board can do it. You could also use a pin and a piece of string to ensure the shelf lines up.

How to Create a No Drill Bathroom Shelf ?

Now – keeping things modern might be a priority for you and if it is the floating shelf is the ideal way to do so. For this, you need moldable glue. This stuff sets into a silicone-based solution that is stronger than nails. Strong enough, in fact, for you to hang shelves with!

All you need to do is line up the shelf where you want it to be and use the glue to attach it to your wall. You can push it through the screw holes or simply use it to attach your shelf. It is both sticky and you can sculpt with it, meaning you can make whatever shapes you like, then hold your shelf in place till it sticks.

You can even use that same substance to put up shelves with brackets. Again, just replace the drill with a portion of moldable glue. Use it in the screw holes and hold the shelf in place while it sets. Your shelf should be able to support as many books as you need it to.

We would give you one word of warning though… if that shelf isn’t straight when you put it up – you might end up with a shelf that is eternally squinted. Don’t forget the part with the spirit level… even moldable glue can’t fix a squint.

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