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How to get a Fabulous Custom Built Home on a Budget

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Have you been planning for your dream house? But, wondering how to start? Building a custom home may look like a daunting as well as complicated task to accomplish.

But having some basic ideas can help you, making the planning process easier than it seems at first. You can seek help from a home builder who creates the unique design.

Letís Get Started!


It is always better to consider a new design that can fulfill your requirements, rather than adapting an existing layout. You can build a space particular to the measure of your family and your life. You are free to decide every single thing from counter-tops and doorknobs to the arrangements and heating system of rooms. For knowing what actually to do, you have to know how you desire using your space.

Some useful Suggestions and Questions

  • Determining the size of your home
  • Do you have any preference about the possible size?
  • Have you considered the number of stories you wish?
  • What rooms do you require?
  • Do you have any specific aspect on which you want your new home to be built?
  • Have you decided the layout type?
  • What structural features do you expect in every room?
  • Do you want to include any special features such as heated floors or a fireplace?

Assemble a Team and Monitor the Process

You need to assemble a team to build your custom home that includes general contractors and architects. It is important that you find the right person and do not forget to ask essential questions before hiring.

  • Find out and hire a suitable architect and general contractor
  • Decide upon other members for the team that you may require including interior designer, landscape architect and so on

Things to Monitor

  • Permits
  • Inspections
  • Insurance
  • Payments
  • Landscaping
  • Clean up

Making your Budget

Are you in search of a Home builder?Jumping into the building process without knowing your budget is certainly not a good idea to follow. Before anything else, you should know your ability to spend, otherwise you wonít be able to decide all the other factors like how large the home would be, what designs you can include etc.

Things to Consider

  • The price of the land
  • Taxes and local fees
  • Engineering and design fees
  • Landscaping charges
  • Interior and furnishing
  • Contingency expenses


No one expects any delay, as they eagerly wait for their new home. But, do you have anything particular for taking into account while determining the starting as well as finishing date? you need to consider about the followings:

  • When do you have to leave your recent home?
  • When is the end of a lease?
  • Will your moving affect your childís school year?
  • Can the season create any trouble?

Select a Suitable Land

Unless you have land how can you build your dream home? The orientation, sunís availability, the topography and natural features of the property will affect the entire project. Find out your property by considering:

  • The size of the plot
  • Density of population
  • Slope and flatness
  • Natural surroundings
  • Availability of resources

After finding a plot that you like, do not forget to do proper research about the property. If possible, have a professional like the architect with you to visit the property that may save you from some future headaches.

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