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Types of shower door glass that make it easy to maintain

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There are lots of options available to use as closures or updates for our bathroom showers. More common is the traditional shower curtain, then sliding doors that are considered economical and then the modern glass shower doors.
Glass shower doors are modern and are the perfect upgrades for your bathrooms to take them from an everyday look to an elegant and luxurious one.


Glass shower doors are ideal for your bathroom because of the following benefits that they offer when used.

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Increase The Value Of Your Home

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The bathroom and the kitchen are vital rooms that add significant value to the home and help to sell a house quickly. The presence of glass shower doors in the bathroom transforms the look of your bathroom and its visual appeal and, at the same time, increases the value of your bathroom and home ultimately.

A buyer is more likely to buy your house when they feel comfortable in how the bathroom looks, especially when this has a luxurious and elegant feel to it. Thanks to shower glass doors, your bathroom gets to have all these.

Available in Various Sizes

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Glass shower doors are available in different sizes and can be customized to meet your size preference. This allows you to get a glass shower door that is precisely tailored to your style and bathroom needs. If it is to be used for a small corner shower walk-in or for an expansive spa-inspired shower, you will definitely get a glass door that fits your needs.

Creates a bright Ambiance

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The presence of light in the bathroom is vital and is essential to completing basic tasks in the bathroom. Glass shower doors reflect natural light into the bathroom, and this helps to create a bright bathroom ambiance.

Also, apart from reflecting natural light during the day, glass shower doors reflect artificial lights found in the bathroom. This creates the feeling of multiple light sources in the bathroom that helps to create a bright bathroom ambiance.

Durable and Easy to Clean

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Glass doors are created using tempered glass, this is also known as safety glass. Tempered glass is usually thicker than standard glass, and this means it will last longer than traditional shower doors.

To keep your shower doors clean, you do not need professional services, and tedious processes are not involved. A pure soap and water solution will keep it clean or the use of a squeegee will keep it looking optimal.


Clear Glass

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Clear glass is a common option people opt for when it comes to glass shower doors. It is see-through and is perfect for creating a bright bathroom ambiance. In the shower or outside the shower, there is no obstruction to the visibility when using a clear glass door.
The glass is easy to keep clean and maintain as the transparency makes it easy to sight dirt spots. A simple routine of cleaning immediately after using the shower with a squeegee will get rid of buildup and glass discoloration.

Clear glass doors can be used with any bathroom décor theme, and they transform a regular everyday bathroom into a stylish and modern one.

Frosted Glass: Adds privacy

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Frosted glass has been etched on one side to produce an opaque surface. It provides some level of privacy in the bathroom while also allowing filtered light to pass through. It is available in unique patterns and designs.

Frosted glass is a perfect option for people who want some privacy and also want the unique look the glass has to offer.

Rain Glass: Beautiful design

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Rain glass is a shower glass that has been textured only on one side. It is a great glass choice for shower doors. They are different from frosted doors, and they allow more light in the bathroom while the textured look provides some privacy when the shower is in use.
It is a glass that is used to inspire a spa-like feel in the bathroom. It is easy to clean, does not accumulate dirt, and also hides watermarks and fingerprints.

Hammered Glass: Uniform pattern of marks like hammered one

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Hammered glass is produced with uniform marks on one side of the glass panel. The marks make it look like hammered metal. They are common options among glass shower door users and are considered for their decorative features.

They also provide some level of privacy for you while using the shower and also allow a significant amount of light to be reflected into the bathroom.

Tinted Glass: Adds color

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Tinted glass doors are fun ways to introduce colors into the bathroom. It is obtainable in various transparent colors. You can simply use them to add a specific color or match them with the existing bathroom color.

A dark color selection will provide privacy while using the shower but will reduce the amount of light that will pass through. A light color selection will allow more light to pass through to create a bright bathroom ambiance but will reduce the privacy, which the glass offers.
If the plain glass is not your style and patterned glass does not exude your preference, the tinted glass will be best for you.


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Glass shower doors as a result of consistent exposure to soaps, hard water, skin cells, body oil, and dirt, which leave behind a soap scum. This causes the glass to develop a cloudy appearance. If not taken care of on time, it can also serve as a home for bacteria and other harmful pathogens.

The following tips will help you keep soap scum at bay and help you keep your shower door clean.

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  • Clean your glass doors immediately after a hot shower. The warm temperature loosens the dirt on the door and makes it easy to clean.
  • Establish a consistent cleaning schedule. It may be weekly or monthly. A set cleaning time helps to make sure that grime and soap scum is cleared from your glass regularly, and this helps to keep your glass in optimum shape.
  • Use a squeegee after every shower to remove dampness.
  • Create a cleaning spray for use after cleaning with a squeegee. This can be made from a combination of water, dishwashing soap, and vinegar. You can add essential oils to introduce a pleasant smell.

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