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Sudarsan Chakraborty

How to Create the Perfect Guest Bedroom

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Name:	wood111111.jpg 
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ID:	11322When you’re creating your dream home, you should consider what you’re going to do if visitors come over. Will you have an air mattress that guests will have to deal with for their sleeping arrangements in the middle of the living room?

Or, will you create a special oasis for them so that your friends and family will want to visit you all the time? If you’re ready to create a special guest room, consider using our tips below.

Step 1: Keep the guestroom décor simple and elegant.

Instead of using a theme or something else that might be interpreted as “tacky,” keep the guestroom clean and use sparing details for interest. By giving the room a neutral color palette, you can help your guests fully relax, even if they’re not accustomed to being away from their own home!

Step 2: Provide adequate storage.

If a guest is coming to stay with you for an extended time period, it probably won’t be very convenient for him or her if they can’t really unpack their suitcase. Nobody wants to wear overly wrinkled clothing everyday!

So, to help your guests feel more at home, provide them with an empty closet or dresser from the Bernhardt Furniture collection. If you give your guests storage, they can fully relax, unpack, and feel more organised and ready to take on the day. Less time spent ironing, more time having fun!

Step 3: Invest in a desk or comfy chair.

When guests are staying for more than a day or two, it makes sense to add a desk or a big armchair to the guest room. Not only does this provide them with a temporary workspace, but it also provides a place of privacy they can escape to if they’d prefer to be by themselves. Of course, if you don’t have room for a desk, a small armchair will work. Consider adding a lap desk nearby if a traditional desk can’t fit.

Step 4: Set up a coffee and tea station.

Nothing says “home” quite like a small coffee and tea station where your guests can get a head start on their day or simply unwind. Place a coffee maker somewhere stable with coffee grounds, creamer, and an assortment of tea bags alongside it. This will make them feel more comfortable than having to go out and enter the kitchen to figure out where all the ingredients and mugs are!

If you really want to go above and beyond as a host, consider adding a few snacks or pieces of fruit by the coffee station.

Step 5: Give them plenty of fresh towels and linens

Make sure to provide your guests with an abundance of fresh towels and washcloths for the bathroom. Install hooks on the guest bedroom door or wall so they can easily hang damp towels. Give them fresh towels every week. And don’t skimp on the quality of the towels! Provide them with soft, luxurious ones that will make them believe they’re at a spa and not someone’s house.

Step 6: Put up Wi-Fi access information.

One of the first questions you’ll get as a host is, “What’s the Wi-Fi?” To avoid having to constantly repeat yourself, put the Wi-Fi name and password somewhere prominent in the guest room. You can make it a chalkboard or simply put up tape.

Along with the Wi-Fi information, you may also want to include your contact information.

Step 7: Give your guests a basket of toiletries.

When you’re travelling, you’ve probably had a moment where you’ve forgotten an important toiletry. To avoid your guests having to go through that same experience, consider putting together a cute little basket filled with travel-sized toiletries. Not only is it a kind gesture, but it ensures that your guests feel welcome and at home.

Step 8: Provide charging cables and charging blocks.

A universal charger for phones and electronics is a must for any guest room. Place the charger and charging block in an easy-to-reach area to make it as convenient as possible for your guests.

Conclusion: Create an awesome experience for your guests

We all know what it feels like to be an unwelcome guest – so taking these extra steps is an excellent way to make guests feel welcome.

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