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Tips for Choosing the Best Vinyl Plank Flooring

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Do you want classy floors with a hardwood visualization? Vinyl planks flooring will be one that you are searching for. This flooring has a visualization of all hardwood flooring. Installation of such flooring is very easy to learn, and you can only do it yourself. But if you are not sure to do so, then you are advised to hire some professionals to do so. This guide will help you to know the advantages of installing vinyl planks flooring and which one will be best for you. Letís check out the advantages of installing vinyl flooring:


People choose to install these planks in their basements and bathrooms, but you can even choose these floorings to install in your bedroom and kitchen. Some if the advantages of Vinyl planks are:

  • Vinyl planks are known for their durability and versatility.
  • There are water-resistant, dust resistant, and low-maintenance flooring options.
  • It provides enough comfortable underfoot and creates a sleek, which results in an attractive finish to your room.
  • In addition to above all, it is stain-resistant and even moisture resistant. For this reason, it makes an ideal choice for those families having pets and children.
  • The vinyl planks flooring can be installed easily in any type of home.
  • This vinyl planks flooring can easily be installed at any level or rigid surfaces, including wood, concrete, and also upon another level of vinyl.
  • This flooring is known to be cost-effective, durable, and maintenance-free and can even last for years.
  • The vinyl flooring comes with various designs from the faux wood to the natural stone. This flooring is available in an affordable option for almost everyone.

Which One to Choose

This step is one of the most important steps which you have to do. Before installation of the vinyl planks flooring, you will have to determine the type of vinyl planks flooring. Choose the best-suited one for your house and according to your needs. Based on their installation methods, vinyl planks are sorted into three categories, such as Click-Clock, Grip-Strip, and glue down.

1. Click clock: This flooring helps to create a floating Vinyl planks flooring. Instead of having a connection of planks like Grip-Strip, it interlocks the tongue and groove joints that easily join together and creates a reliable fit.

2. Grip strip: This flooring has an adhesive layer applied by the manufacturer, which connects one vinyl planks to another. This installation method also creates a floating floor. It means these vinyl planks cover the sub floor without even fastening and adhering in any manner. Floating floors are mess-free and an easy way of installing the new flooring without even removing the existing flooring.

3. Glue down: This flooring adheres to sub floors by using one of the two adhesive types, such as pressure-sensitive and hard set. The hard set adhesive one is a spread over the sub floor, and then vinyl planks are laid on the top. While the other adhesive one of pure sensitivity is already on the bottom of the bonds and planks, both adhesive planks are known to be durable. Still, the pressure-sensitive one is able to make replacing individual vinyl planks very easier.


This guide will help you a lot to understand vinyl planks flooring. Here you will get to know about what the advantages of Vinyl planks are and what types of it are. The choice depends on your needs and requirements. Go through all the advantages and types to clarify all your doubts regarding vinyl planks flooring. If you love this flooring, then go, you can even install by yourself, or you can even hire professionals for better results.

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