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Get an Exclusive Look with Hardwood Floors

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ID:	11340No one can deny or ignore the increasing popularity of engineered hardwoods, as it is one of the best choices for homeowners that are seeking quality flooring.

It provides so many benefits and is quite different from solid wood.

Some significant reasons for choosing engineered hardwood

  • More beautiful appearance
  • Getting the highest quality
  • More stability
  • Enhanced performance
  • Highly durable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Easy maintenance

Engineered hardwoods are not laminate

On the top, it has a thin wooden layer with multiple layer backing. The thickness of the top layer and the core can vary according to the design. The construction detail plays a great role in determining how it will look, its stability as well as the longevity.

Stronger compared to single wood piece

Engineered hardwoods are the combination of different layers that include plywood, hardwood and lumber, making it stiffer and stronger than the aggregate of all the parts.

You can install it anywhere you prefer

Engineered hardwood can make very stable flooring that is why, you can undoubtedly consider installing it on the levels that usually experience higher humidity such as the basement. But, before conducting the installation process, do not forget to read and follow the instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

Installing over different sub-floor types

You can directly glue-down engineered hardwood over concrete slabs (needs to be dry) whether it is below or above the ground level or you can also staple it down over wooden sub floor.

Reasonable price

Though different products may offer different costs, it can be said that engineered hardwood is a cost-effective flooring option compared to solid hardwood.

Available in a wide variety

Engineered hardwood is available in different species, colors and widths to fit different styles. Some examples are natural maple, hickory, wide planks, natural no stain colors and dark leather.

Benefits of engineered hardwood flooring

Wondering why so many people prefer and search for engineered hardwood flooring, the reasons are multiple including price, easy installation, stability and so on.
It is always a wise decision to invest on engineered hardwood flooring due to various reasons. First of all and most importantly, it gives a timeless and natural appeal to the property with luxury and warmth. It can be considered as a great alternative to solid hardwood flooring, as it provides farther dimensional strength, is less expensive and hard to distinguish once installed.
The construction of engineered hardwood flooring makes it more stable and resistant to weather changes such as variations in moisture and temperature. The appearance of engineered hardwood flooring is similar to solid hardwood flooring because the top layer is made of real solid wood, running perpendicular to the underneath plywood base.


If you are planning for new flooring that looks attractive and at the same time less costly, then you can certainly consider engineered hardwood flooring. But, before you make any final decision, make sure to get requisite information that can help you to determine the right option.

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