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Simon Hopes

Painting The Outdoor Furniture. Things to Consider

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Tired of the same color you have been seeing on the garden chairs and table for the last decade? Then maybe it is time to give them a new refreshed look?

Below you will find easy and well-working suggestions on how to repaint the outdoor furnishing quickly and with minimal efforts!

Coloring Furniture: Hints And Nuances

Painting your garden furniture may seem to be easy but, like any painting, this procedure requires certain skills and knowledge. For instance, sometimes it might be needed to cover the piece with two or more layers of paint, and here it will be handy to know how fast that paint dries to not mess up with the final result as beezzly crew says.

But except for that, if your furniture is in a good state and worth being painted, wed recommend you consider several other moments:

  1. If it is metal, delete the rust prior to painting. Use a sander or an oscillating tool. A drill will also do.
  2. Delete the loose paint. Those flakes of old dye will not allow the new paint to lay evenly and tightly. A piece of sandpaper and some elbow grease will be just fine.
  3. Remember of a primer when going to brush-paint it. Like that, the color will be more even.
  4. If youre going to spray paint, remember that it works best of all on wood, wicker, and metal pieces. For plastic, buy special paint.
  5. Choose smaller brushes or rollers since they allow getting to any corner and paint any curve properly.
  6. When painting wood or metal, the sort of finish doesnt matter, but for plastic, choose special paint for this kind of surface.
  7. Mind the climate since for the sunny and hot area youll need paint with the UV-protection, and metal items need rust-resistant paints to protect them from rains.
  8. For coloring outdoor furnishing, use 2 layers of paint.
  9. Try to repaint in autumn or winter since the paint dries too fast in summer. But of course, if you want it to be colored right now and you cant wait until autumn comes, at least wait for the proper weather. Painting on a cool cloudy day is way better than sweating and melting yourself under the sun with the bucket of paint and a brush!
  10. If the furniture has hardware and it can be removed, do that prior to painting to not stain it.

Wed also recommend you protect the area around with a cover so that paint drops wont stain the nearby plants or tile. And remember that really old furniture is hardly worth painting, better think of buying a set of new chairs and a table to make your patio or a garden cozier. What else can we say to you? Dont be afraid of using multiple colors or play with textures or patterns! A rainbow-like garden table will definitely be more fun than a boring black piece.

Be creative and enjoy your new garden, patio, or even terrace.

Take care!

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