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Various Roofing Styles for an Impressive Exterior

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Roofing is important for a durable and attractive exterior of your home. After protecting your home from external roughness, it gives a complete look. Different types of roofing are done with varied materials in contemporary houses. If you have any aesthetic idea, you can make it exceptional and impressive.

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Different Roofing Styles:

Different houses have different roofing system. The roofing of a church is not similar to the roofing of a residential house. The roof of a community center is not the same as a hi-tech skyscraper. Let us discuss some of the commonly used roofing.

  • Flat Roof: It is one of the most common construction, especially for modernized buildings. These roofing are easy to build, easy to clean, and obviously, these are budget-friendly. Flat roofs are built on a metal structure and made by using cement and sand. The mild slope allows the roof to run off the water by the drain pipe.
  • Skillion Roof: This is a flat surface roof that has an obvious pitch for water passing. It is a single sloping roof that has tent on a particular side. There is an additional existing roof attached to the main structure of the building. But there is no attachment available with other roof surfaces. Skillion Roof is easy to maintain just because of its slope.
  • Butterfly Roof: When two Skillion roofs placed together with a special box gutter, it becomes a butterfly roof. This roof is more expensive than a flat roof or skillion roof because of its complicated installing requirements. Its maintenance cost is also expensive. Undoubtedly it looks excellent from the outside of the house. This roofing style is famous for the corporate offices or grand community hall.
  • Hipped Roof: It has downward slopes from the ridge at the top. This roofing style is popular throughout the country. It offers comfortable shades to prevent rain and sunlight. It is best to fit in the windy coastal regions. The installation charge and maintenance cost is reasonable.
  • Curved Roof: With a soft, round appearance, and a thick base, curved roofs are one of the most expensive exteriors to install and maintain. You will find this roof in sea beach and coastal areas. Mainly high-tech opera houses and auditoriums are designed with Curved Roofing. The maintenance and restoring of these roofs are harder than any other roofing. It needs regular inspection to remove debris from the surface of the roof. Remind that debris can cause long term damage harmful for the entire construction.

Main 4 Types of Roofing:

  1. Wooden Shingles: It is one of the most popular and oldest roofing in the world. From the ancient era, the demand for Wooden Roofing is present across the world. Wooden roofing is handmade and rough looking. The installation cost of this roof is reasonable. Mainly countryside cottages and bungalows use this roofing to give an exciting rural look. This roofing lasts around 25 to 30 years.
  2. Slate Shingles: They make tiles of slate roofing of metamorphic rocks. It prevents the effects of different types of natural issues on your house. This sturdy roofing lasts more than 80 years.
  3. Synthetic Slate Tile Roof: They are made with plastic, rubber, polymer, and other materials. These materials gave a different look, color, texture, and style to the roof. These are easy to maintain and the installation cost is comparatively less. Some of them are waterproof and fire-resistant. Its lifespan near about 50 years.

Choose roofing styles, material, and color wisely to make it strong and give an aesthetic look from outside. An attractive exterior can create a strong impression of your house on the outsiders.

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