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Creating a Luxurious and Cozy Living Room: Tips and Tricks

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The living room is surely one of the most used parts of a home. Not only does the family gather there to enjoy their time together but this is the area where people host their guests as well. Seeing as how it serves several purposes, it should also be decorated as such. For one, the family wants to feel cozy when watching movies and playing board games. At the same time, they want the space to look luxurious when friends and family come over. Luckily, there are ways how these two can be combined to create the ultimate cozy and luxurious living space. Take a look at the tips and tricks below.

Having plenty of seating

As your priority is probably your family being comfy, you need plenty of seating areas. A modular sectional sofa might work best as you will be able to move it around according to your needs. On the other hand, you should add some accent pieces like an ottoman or an armchair in the corner that will provide you with extra seating when you have guests over but also make the space look more luxe.

Implementing a neutral color palette

If you want a luxe vibe, you should consider sticking to a neutral color palette. When it comes to the walls, you don’t want them too bright so think about a shade of beige or gray. To add some drama, you can have a statement wall that is painted in a bold color like navy blue or deep purple or you can put up a patterned wallpaper. On the other hand, if you wish to keep the walls subdued, you can get furniture pieces in a color that pops. Whether it’s lilac or black, you can create an interesting ambient.

Layering the lights

The lighting in your living room is also important as it helps you create an atmosphere. So, what you need is an overhead light fixture, which can be an elegant chandelier or a minimalistic pendant, depending on what you prefer. Then, as you want to layer the lights to avoid any unflattering shadows, you should also add a few ambient lights, such as a table or floor lamp. Luckily, these come in a multitude of styles so you will surely find some pieces that you like. Also, if there are any details in your living room that you would like to highlight, you should install some accent lights. Finally, consider installing a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the lights according to your mood.

Focusing on wall décor

Wall décor is a big aspect of creating a luxurious living room that cannot be neglected. For instance, you can put up some interesting wall art that will bring in a pop of color to your neutral walls. You can also make some art on your own if you are feeling creative or simply display some memorabilia from your travels. Black-and-white family photos are a nice touch as well. Decorating with mirrors is also an option because this approach works wonders in small spaces as it creates an illusion of a bigger space. Like we said earlier, use accent lights to show off the pieces you are proud of.

Adding soft rugs and pillows

For a comfy room, you should complement your sofa with soft throw pillows. Get a couple in a solid color and a few patterned ones to add more interest. Then, you also want a soft rug at your feet to feel warm and cozy. When deciding on the color, you can choose something that stands out or you can go for the option that ties the whole room together.

Bringing in houseplants

Finally, you need plants. No room feels complete without some greenery, which is why this step is something you cannot overlook. Regardless of how good you are with plants, there is something for you. So many houseplants are low-maintenance and look amazing when placed in a corner or put on a shelf. Consider the yucca plant if you want to keep it in a gold planter on the floor, the jade plant to keep on a table, or pothos if you want something hanging from the ceiling.
As you can see, a touch of comfort and luxury can easily be added to any space with just a bit of thought. Consider these suggestions and your living room will look amazing.

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