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5 Ways To Be Sure Your Home Is Termites Free

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When the cold months of winter are in the rearview mirror, many of us rejoice. Spring arrives to wake us up out of hibernation and get back to our active lifestyles.

However, the same goes for tiny insects that have dug down deep, also waiting for the warmer climate. Spring announces the beginning of the swarming season for termites. A crucial time for these little critters to reproduce and create new colonies all-around your neighborhood.

Why be worried? One large queen can lay thousands of eggs per day, and they continually feed on wood. Their feeding and tunneling will wear down the structural integrity of your home. A termite's mission is to eat, sleep, reproduce, repeat.

You can use several termite prevention methods to prevent them from moving into your house. Below we'll outline five so that you're sufficiently armed to protect your home from hungry invaders.

Create a Barrier

Like a moat surrounding a castle, you should create a barrier around your home that’s unappealing to termites. To begin, reduce any soil-to-wood contact by using a gravel or pine needle border. Only your concrete foundation should touch the earth in an ideal world, and any siding should start at least 6 inches above.

It's also crucial to trim back shrubbery and move plants away, so nothing touches your house's exterior walls. By doing this, you'll create airflow for moisture prevention and be able to watch for signs of termite activity easier.

Reduce the Possibility for Moisture

Termites love moisture. Therefore, it's critical you reduce the opportunity for it to build up throughout your house. Clean out your gutters and make sure they drain effectively, a few feet away from your foundations.

Ensure you're emptying any water containers like buckets or watering cans. Moreover, fix leaky faucets and turn your sprinklers away from your house. Don't forget your crawl space. Moisture under there can build up and cause all sorts of nasty problems, including termites eating your floor joists. Ventilation is vital, alongside a vapor barrier.

Turn Off the Lights

A particularly important tip to follow during the swarming season is to keep your outdoor lights turned off. If you can't do this, then try and move them away from windows and doors. The swarming termites are attracted to the bright light and may land close by realizing that your home’s the perfect food source.

Maintain Your Paint Jobs

Regular inspection of your abode is necessary to identify weak spots that termites could take advantage of. Check for and quickly seal any cracks in your exterior and your attic. Make sure anything made from wood with outdoor exposure gets a coat of sealant. These include windows, doors, sills, sheds, and even patio furniture.

Keeping your house painted will reduce the risk of exposed timber, which to a termite is an invitation to free a buffet.

Be Mindful of Where You Store Things

Firewood is a wonderful halfway house for termites. Before bringing any home, check that it's not harboring any unwanted visitors by looking for tunnel holes. When you do get it back, store it outside at least 10 feet away.

If you're stuck for storage space in the house, don't opt for cardboard boxes in the shed or garage. Cardboard is a draw for termites; after all, it's made of wood. Plastic containers are much better for outdoor use. You should also try to store outdoor wooden furniture off of the ground.

Prevention Is Always Better Than the Cure

If you live in a state where termites are an annual issue, you'll be aware that it'll only be a matter of time until your house is infested if you're not proactive. An invasion of this type will then lead to days away from home, costly fumigation, and a damaged house.

It's for this reason why prevention is always better than the cure. It's faster, cheaper, and saves you from repeat problems. Termites need a way in, food, and moisture. Therefore, if you follow our tips above, you'll make your house unappealing to a termite family.

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