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Raj Gupta

Why You Should Furnish Your Home With Solid Oak

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If youíve been scouring local and online home furnishing stores in an effort to change up the feng shui in your home, then you may have realized that the options are vast and the prices vary quite a bit. Having so many options can be just as frustrating as not having much to choose from at all. You might be wondering as to why some prices are sky-high and some are dirt cheap. How can one know if theyíre paying a fair price or getting ripped?

These thoughts are valid and necessary, especially if youíre in the market for wooden furniture. With wood, you can pay a humble price and have furniture that will do its job for the time being. On the other hand, if you want to make a home out of your house, if you want to fill your home with things you can pass down to your children someday, then go with something thatís strong as oak itself.

The Basics of Oak

The great Oak tree takes a long time to grow, longer than even the tallest pine tree. This growth period results in extremely dense and durable wood, making it the perfect fit for anyone interested in furniture that lasts. Oak is usually a top choice for families because of the common wear and tear that comes from having children in the house. The experts from can surely assist you in your search for the perfect, and most sturdy, home accent. Add something to your home that will be in photographs long after your kids leave for collegeósomething that will be there when they return as well.

There are two species of oak. Thereís white oak, which is the strongest of the two. Historically, it was common for it to be used for ships or barrels because itís naturally waterproof. Now, it often fulfills outdoor needs. It has a light yellow tint and compliments any color choice. Red oak is also very durableóin fact, itís so strong that itís quite often used for flooring and cabinets. Itís got a warmer tone than white oak, but the grains are very similar.

How It Measures Up

You may have noticed the price difference between oak and other types of wood. Itís true that oak will cost you a pretty penny, but itís for good reason. Pine might have a similar look as oak, but thereís a reason why itís cheap. Itís expected that it will get scratches and dents, and it wonít maintain its condition for long. Fir is very often used for building, but it looks funny when stained and looks better if painted in the end.

Much like white oak, Ash has a light brown color that can also withstand a lot of wear and tear, but itís nearly impossible to find. Birch ranks about as high as oak on the hardness scale, but it doesnít have the attractive swirls and grain that people love. Mahogany runs a close race with oak as far as popularity and price, but the reason for that has nothing to do with its quality. Oak just seems to have it all. Want to give your home a rustic look? Go with oak. Do you prefer the modern ones instead? Oak is the answer. It has a timeless elegance that also withstands the test of time. Itís not only strong against natural disasters like extreme moisture or fungal attacks, but itís resistant to the most unnatural disasters too like your childís roughhousing. Are you sick of searching? Oak is one of the easiest types of wood to find, as itís produced in several regions around the world. Any need you might have as far as furniture goes, oak just seems to fill.

Just a Tip

If youíre investing a lot of time into building your own wooden furniture, then youíll want to familiarize yourself with some tips about all things wood and some common issues that newbies might have when they first start working with wood. Some types of wood can be more challenging to cut than others, and some might seem like itís made for carpentry. Either way, the last thing you want to do is waste time, money, and wood. So, make sure youíre well-versed on woodworking before you dive in.

One pattern your research about wood will follow is the overwhelming amount of recommendations there are for oak over any other type of wood. Almost any place you go, either online or local, will always point you in the direction of oak, while anything else will always take second place to it. If youíre able to shell out a little extra on something that will be around for ages, then oak is surely the way to go.

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