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Best Exterior Wall Cladding Ideas

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As far as building a house is concerned, the main goals are to make its foundations strong, to set up the electrical and plumbing systems, as well as to ensure that rain and other elements don’t go through the roof.

That said, once you’ve taken care of all of these different aspects of setting up a house, you can dedicate some time toward making the property more beautiful.

Whether you want to improve the looks of your own property or you’re a real estate dealer who ‘flips’ properties for profit, making the walls look as good as possible is one of the best ways to immediately improve both the looks and the value of the house.

Now, the great thing about adding another layer to the outside of the walls of your house is that you get to choose from a wide array of materials that can be used for this purpose.
In this article, we’re going to talk about the best materials for cladding your walls. There’s plenty of options to go with here, but we will present to you some of the most popular ones that many people like to go with nowadays.
Here’s the deal.

Wooden Exterior

While wood may not seem like the most reliable material when it comes to being able to withstand rough weather conditions and the tooth of time, modern-day improvements on the various coatings that can be used to make wood stronger are changing the way wood is perceived as an exterior material.

The thing is, while ordinary wood sans any coating or protection will not be able to last that long when exposed to the elements, wood that’s been coated in special layers of protection will – which makes all the difference when it comes to its utility as a wall-cladding material.
Other than that, wood can be an interesting option for this purpose due to its great looks, the natural ‘feel’ it gives the objects it’s on, as well as its price, sustainability, and ‘fixability’ in case some part of the structure needs a fix.

Stone Exterior

When organized in smaller slabs of slightly different colors and sizes, stone can be an excellent material for exterior wall cladding – mostly due to the unique looks that you can’t get any other way.

In addition to the appearance of a stone wall, the visual effects extend to the 3D realm, so to speak, as the slightly different shapes and thicknesses of the stone will give a house they’re used on a natural and somewhat rugged look.

Although stone is traditionally a fairly expensive building material, the price of putting together a stone cladding to your exterior walls doesn’t need to be too steep if you’re using any of the innovative stone-cladding systems, where the stone tiles all fit together perfectly. (Meaning you won’t have as much wasted material.)

Metal Exterior

If you want to give your house a sleek, industrial look, that reminds everyone who looks at it of the importance of hard work and makes everyone think of engines and machines, going for a metal exterior can be a great solution.

The great thing about this solution is that it’s durable and there are many places where you can find the perfect metal surface for this purpose. You can even order these online at venues such as Olam Clad, for example.

Brick Walls

While making an exterior wall out of brick is nothing much of a novelty, the sheer range of different types of brick and color patterns these come in nowadays sheds an entirely different light on what you can do with this age-old material.

Depending on what your tastes are, you can use smaller bricks of different sizes to create a special sort of design not too dissimilar from the stone wall patterns we talked about above.
On the other hand, you can get bricks painted in different colors that you can use to create walls of different colors that you won’t have to paint over. (Which is great, because you won’t have to worry about the paint chipping away or having to repaint the thing down the road.)

Ceramic Walls

For those of you who live in climates with plenty of rainfall or where the weather can get rough and wet pretty often, then using ceramic to cover the walls of your house can be a great solution.

The thing about ceramic is that, while it is fairly brittle on its own, when it’s properly stuck to a wall it will be quite stable. Plus, it will give the entire wall a refined look, while being to a great extent impervious to water and moisture.

All things considered, wall cladding represents a great way to not only reinforce the walls of your house, but also to improve the insulation properties of the place, as well as to make it more beautiful. With the great many different materials you can choose from nowadays, picking the perfect one for your needs has never been easier.

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