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Home Security Checklist

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Keeping your home safe is the priority of every single homeowner. You see, the very concept of having a home means that you and your family have a place where you can feel safe. Second, whatís the point of owning nice things if youíre just waiting for the next burglary for them to become someone elseís property. Fortunately, by abiding by a basic home security checklist, you can easily solve this problem once and for all. For starters, hereís how you can make your home feel more secure, deter dangerous individuals and develop an unbreachable barrier towards the outside world.

1. How appealing is your home to burglars?

Toning down the appeal of your home to potential burglars is a relatively big matter. First of all, if the valuables (like art pieces) are the visible from the outside, chances are that theyíll soon attract some unwanted attention. Second, if you often post the content of your household on social media, you might get the same effect. Lastly, if the perimeter of your home (front door and windows) looks easy to breach, it might disrupt the risk-to-reward ratio against you. No risk and moderate reward are what a lot of burglars are looking for.

2. The surroundings are just as important

The surrounding area of your home is incredibly important, especially at night. For instance, having a gravel path around the place can create an audio deterrent for the majority of potential burglars. Why? Because gravel is noisy when threaded upon. Second, the illumination is incredibly important. Sensor lights are a security measure and they are incredibly convenient for using the outdoors of your property in the evening. Lastly, visible surveillance system may persuade burglars that trying is simply not worth it.

3. Replace the locks on occasion

The thing worth keeping in mind is that upon moving in, you need to replace the lock on your home. You never know when someone will use the fact that they have the key to the place. Ex partners, ex house sitters, pet sitters and others. So, by replacing the lock every now and then, you can ensure that no one but the inhabitants and chosen people has the key. Just find a reliable local locksmith and be done with it before this becomes a problem. No safety measure in the world can keep your home safe is an unreliable person out there who has the key.

4. Ease off the social media

Social media is the enemy of home security. Announcing that youíre going away on a holiday is one of the things that could make your home much more appealing to burglars. It goes even worse. Imagine living with a partner and both of you sharing photos and stories from the workplace on a regular basis. This would make it quite easy for anyone to discern your working schedule, which is the time when thereís no one at home. So, make sure to reveal as little as possible to complete strangers online. Needless to say, this is generally great advice that not enough people take seriously enough. Keep your private life private and youíll be a lot safer.

5. Outdoor valuables

People who have a well-decorated outdoor area might have to worry about the security of their outdoor valuables. You see, some people have flatscreen TVs on their backyard porch, while grills and lawnmowers also tend to have a decent value capable of attracting thieves. New bicycles are also a potential target. This is why itís so important that your garage is secured and that you have a backyard shed or a strongbox capable of storing the most valuable of these items.

In conclusion

The very last thing worth bearing in mind is the fact that thereís no such thing as 100 safe or secure. Second, sometimes, the best way to keep your home safe is to just keep up with the appearances of an ironclad household. This way, you can persuade potential burglars that itís just not worth it. Truth be told, this is your No.1 objective. Even an unsuccessful attempt is potentially dangerous and may cause unnecessary property damage. This way, you get the privilege of skipping it altogether. Still, you cannot rely on this bluff alone, especially when the stakes are so high.

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