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Sujain Thomas

Shoppers Guide to Buying Best Custom Couch Covers

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It is now needed to replace your old couch to add value to your interiors, but instead, you may think of giving it a brand-new look by purchasing a custom couch cover at affordable rates. If you consider this option, here is an easy guide for the couch to cover shoppers to make the best decision. There are several options to make the selection from.

Custom made couch covers do wonders on your old sofas on which the existing upholstery is outdated, stained, or worn out to a bigger extent. A good couch cover will help protect your pricey furniture from pets and kids too. Here are some smart steps to purchase the right couch cover to give a fresh look to your furniture piece.

Measure twice for the cover size

The couch covers and slipcovers now come in various sizes and shapes. So, it would help if you had the right measures in hand to make the right choice. Some couches may have armrests and extra leg support too. Some may have some extra parts for aesthetic appeal, which all needed to be considered while making plans for custom couch covers. So, take the most appropriate measures and have a fair idea about the dimensions needed for your cover.

Choose the right style of couch cover

There are many styles available as stretch slipcovers or non-stretch materials. The stretch covers may be a little more flexible in case of getting one with shorter sizes too. The ideal move while choosing the right style is to order custom couch covers, which you can order based on your unique size and style preferences. Nowadays, custom couch covers do not cost much more than the readymade products listed at the stores.

Ensure what you choose does not contradict your interior décor theme

Based on your home interior theme, always choose the right color and theme of your couch cover. This may not be difficult as there are plenty of combinations available in custom couch covers on the online and offline stores now. There are classy, traditional, and retro themes in couch cover designs, which you can choose wisely based on your tastes. You can add a pop to sofa décor by using appropriate pillow covers too.

Consider the fabric used

There are different couch cover fabric choices like cotton, linen, polyester, jute, and more. The decision needed to be made based on your budget, location, usage of the couch, and the endurance and quality you need. If you have children and pets at home, ensure that you use a highly durable and less damageable couch cover fabric. An ideal couch cover also should be stain-resistant and moisture-resistant. There are also options like you can wipe clean the covers with a washcloth.

You may explore the options online and compare the features and pricing of various products listed out in different merchant websites, along with price and features, the user reviews, and manufacturer ratings to identify the best choices to make.

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