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Industrial design ideas for your Brampton home

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If you are considering purchasing a property in Brampton, Ontario, the question of how you want your new home to look like is probably something that occurred to you and your family. Constructing and decorating living space according to the tenets of decor is becoming more and more prevalent in recent years, and implementing this style philosophy on your new Brampton home could be the right choice for you. Read on this short guide on industrial design ideas for your Brampton home to inspire yourself!

Why you should choose industrial style ideas for your Brampton home

Minimalist decor with nuances of engineered, steampunk look can open up your living space in amazing ways. The first thing people associate with industrial styled homes is the use of steel and other metals which are not covered with plaster for that hard, sleek, and modern look.

Alongside metals that usually carry the construction of the house or apartment, other trademark elements of industrial style are painted brick walls (usually with light or white paint to contrast the metal sheen of the base), and rustic wood that adds an element of warmth to the living space.

Hence, this design style can be more or less cool and detached if you want it to, which is a perfect way to balance your affinity to minimalism and the needs of your family or partner. Most of all, people usually opt for this design philosophy because it is equally sleek, modern, and organic.

Industrial designed homes usually take inspiration from the way factories and warehouses look like. Although people typically expect this kind of architecture in urban neighborhoods, with a few pointers, it can be perfectly adapted to suit the charm of suburban areas such as Brampton.

So,if you want to keep elements of the traditional architecture that is present in your home, you can easily modernize it by adding structural details such as ceiling beams and supporting metal reinforcements. For more info on how you can design your home to fit the industrial design scheme, take a look at ideas below.

The color palette is crucial

The color scheme is an essential element that will clearly show what your interior design aims for. Typically, industrial architecture and decor favor aged, muted hues with a speck of color to revive the cool tones. So, grey, béton brut, and in some cases brown hues are the way to go.

If you want to achieve a mix of industrial and classic, keeping some of the rustic colors already present in your home is an option. However, to achieve the perfect industrial effect it is best if you keep the natural materials that your house is built from intact. Add metallic details in combination with pure whites and natural wood to attain the industrial feel in your home.

Include key elements that clearly signal industrial home.

A word on materials you should use is needed. Although we have already mentioned which materials are most adequate, have a look at a clear overview and explanation of what each material achieves.


Nothing screams industrial like metal structural elements and furniture. The metal can be galvanized, matte, rusted, or any way you deem fit. The great thing about metal is that it is sturdy, almost indestructible, and very pleasing to the eye if implemented well into your living space.


Wood serves to contrast the eternal coolness of your metal elements, as they perfectly balance each other out. If you are aiming for the true, unrefined industrial look, then opt for rough, raw wood for your flooring or furniture. However, this is more of a suggestion than an axiom as any type or color of hardwood floor should fit into the surroundings really well.


Leather is also an option for those who want to balance out the metal elements. Leather is frequently used in industrial decor due to its elegant appearance. What’s more, worn leather is in keeping with the raw, modern, and sleek vibe that is synonymous with industrial.


Bare, unadulterated brick is perfect to achieve that industrial feel that is also warm and welcoming. So, if you have brick walls in your house, and if they are slightly old and stained, there is no need to paint them over.

Furniture should add to the industrial feel of your new home

The best way to approach furnishing your Brampton home is to have wood furniture. The furniture that you currently have should do the trick in most cases, so there is no need to spend more money since industrial style is inherently very versatile and flexible for decorating. If you need help with moving your furniture to your new Brampton home, a local crew can to do the hard work for you, especially if you choose to bring in all the furniture that you have.

Rugs and other accessories

If you have implemented most or all of the elements we have mentioned, then it is time to think about finishing designing your home with rugs and other accessories. Since industrial structural elements are typically monochrome or muted, be sure to incorporate rugs and accessories that follow the logic of raw, hard materials, but in eye-catching, even vivid colors and textures.

Accordingly, the decor should enliven your interior design. If you want to transfer some of your old rugs, artworks, or furniture pieces from your old home, be sure to call an experienced moving crew such as Number 1 Movers to help you with positioning your furniture and possessions in the most effective way possible.

All in all, we have sketched the most elementary industrial design ideas for your Brampton home. All that is left for you to do is to make it match your interior decor preferences in keeping with the basic ideas of industrial decoration.

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