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Exterior wall paint ideas for reflecting your persona

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The colour and texture of our home reflect our personality. The exterior of our house creates the first impression and is hence essential to have the essence of our personality features reflecting in it, to stun and gran the wow feature by the visitors.

Keep reading to find some essential tips that could help you choose the best exterior house paint for your home:

Tone on Tone Combos

Tone on tone combos is the putting together different shades from the same colour family to create a beautiful outcome on the exterior walls. Any colour of your choice and persona can be chosen for this combo. Use one or more walls in the complementary tone to add character and styling.

For instance, use the stately grey colour tones to give a stylish demure look to the exterior wall to help the house stand out among others in the lane. Mix the light and darker shades of grey to create the tone on tone effect.

Brighter colour paints

If you want to turn to an unconventional style, use the brighter shades and their combinations that give a simple and sophisticated colouring as influenced by the European counterparts. For instance, painting the balcony with a bright orange or yellow colour makes the area stand out and look happy and inviting. Choose the bright colours that look equally great with light and dark tones and create a cheery feel.
The clue from Historical Architecture

With the reference to historical architecture, you can take some amazing inspiration for exterior colour codes for your home. Make sure to use the colours that go well with the style of the building. For example, the deep and soft shades of brown add character to the home design with a gable roof, open spaces and stone-built walls that lend the sense of the history of the Spanish era.

Textured wall ideas

Your exterior wall need not be polished always. Try adding a textured pattern on the wall with the combination of suitable colours. It creates a unique and customised look for your home. For instance, the exposed brick wall can be combined with pristine shades of white to have industrial building styling.

Earthy colour combinations

Home exteriors can be painted with earthy colours to create an old-time styling. It creates warmth and helps in standing out among the modern home, yet would be attractive with the modern styling of glass windows and doors. Earthy colours such as sandcastle and latte shades of brown on the exterior wall can be paired with lots of green plants to make it a picture-perfect house.
Read more of the exterior painting colours that can be used for your home and create unique styling. With a huge variety of historically accurate and modern finishes, to create a complementary architectural theme at your home or business.

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