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Woodworking on internet

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In the current context, where people are called to stay at home to stop the coronavirus contagion, several online courses are offered to train themselves in woodworking, both on furniture and construction, so that they can be done safely from home.

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New online training courses have been opened to continue training in the difficult times we are living. In this way, it is possible to continue training from home with complete peace of mind.
Below are several free and online courses that are available today:

Wood construction

Choosemadera , which launched the first online course on wood structure design in Latin America (and which is currently available), offers two new online classes on wood construction so that students and construction professionals can get closer to the sustainable benefits that the use of wood as a structural material.

Classes are available through easily accessible videos and there is the possibility of enrolling in the full course "Structural Calculation in Wood" at a discount.

The first one deals with the Benefits of building in wood , and its rapporteur is FraneZilic , architect and Master in Wood Construction, professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Urbanism and Geography of the Uniersity of Concepcion and Director of the Polomadera Program of the same house of studies .

The second class deals with the Properties and technology of wood . Its rapporteur is Marcelo González Retamal , a wood engineer from the University of Chile and a master's degree in Wood Construction from the University of Bio Bío. He is currently a professor of the course on wooden structures at various universities. He is also the founder of Choose madera.

Wooden structures

Created by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, in the free course " Construction of Wooden Structures in a traditional way " wood will be studied as a material and structure, its operation, way of life and care to guarantee its permanence as a construction material over time. . Traditional techniques are taught such as frameworks without the need for metals, joints and distributions in floors and roofs.

Specialization workshop in the use of melamine

Devised by Arauco , the La ClaseMaestra project , is an online audiovisual course for carpenters aimed at everyone, from amateurs to entrepreneurs.

Focused on the use of melanin, the course is made up of twelve chapters, grouped into three modules: "Work with melamine", "Design with melamine" and "Manage your business". Each chapter consists of ten minute videos where a specific topic is addressed.

The course speaker is Andrés Miranda, Arauco's technical assistant, and also has the participation of invited experts who reaffirm concepts or narrate their experience.

Introduction to carpentry and joinery

This course on “Basic Carpentry and Joinery” teaches what are the basic tools for working with wood, how to start working with them, how to sharpen them, their use and handling. The steps to follow to develop a project are also discussed, both in theory and in practice.

Taught by Jean-Baptiste Van den Heede , of Belgian origin, cabinetmaker, carver, marketeer and certified furniture designer. He is responsible for the TASARESTAURA workshop.

In addition to this free course, Van der Heede also has others: "Make your carpenter's bench", "Make your first piece of furniture", "How to glue furniture", "Joiner's assemblies", "Basic marquetry" and "The assemble carpentry, learn to make a wooden house”, among others.

Carpentry and furniture

Through explanatory videos, the course “Carpentry, furniture and restoration " addresses different aspects of carpentry and working with wood.

Spread over different topics, the carpenter's tools are explained; techniques for working and shaping wood, with examples such as the construction of chairs, a briefcase or on siding; protection of wood; Furniture construction projects, such as a children's bed, bar, dining table, closet, or kitchen; or how to restore and maintain furniture, among other aspects.

Wooden houses and cabins

On this occasion, the Construction of Wooden Houses and Cabins course aims to learn how to build an anti-seismic house. In addition, there is access to house plans, plumbing and locksmith techniques with recommended design and construction books.

How to read architectural plans; types of plans of wooden houses; the construction of the same; the assembly of the houses by parts (roof, exterior walls, structure, interior walls, floors); o various examples of cabins, log houses, facades and exterior designs; are some of the topics covered in this free online cour.

Taught by professors David Caballo, Fernando Magdalena and JuliánGarcía, the course will consist of four weekly modules, with an estimated workload of 15 hours. The course will be presented through various videographic materials and theoretical-practical activities.

Course on carpentry for wood projects

Modernistic, an artisan furniture workshop in Santiago de Chile, also offers an online course, this time it is not free but it has a price of 8000 pesos. From the hand of Patricio Ortega, “ Professional carpentry for beginners ” is presented, with a total duration of about four hours.

It is an online course of 26 video lessons organized in six units. Key concepts, techniques, and tools for wood projects will be learned. From how to size a project, the use of the main drawing and cutting tools, how to make cutting templates for a milling machine, to the proper finish for a piece of furniture.

In addition, at the end of each unit there are tasks and complementary support material. There is also a forum for inquiries.

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