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Killing Household Germs 101: Quick and Effective Ways to Do It Right

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Getting rid of household germs can be a quite challenging task sometimes. However, it doesnít have to be like that at all Ė if you know what youíre doing, of course! So, if you want to learn about quick and effective ways to do it right, just keep on reading. Here are five tips you should bear in mind, so check them out and get down to business right away!

Make sure to scrub your kitchen sink every day

If you think that your bathroom is the germiest place in your home ¬Ė boy, are you wrong! Yes, you heard us well Ė your kitchen actually is the germiest room in your house. It is particularly true for your kitchen sponge. This is because this little guy collects bacteria from raw meats and other foods that grow in your sink. We know that it sounds gross, but thatís how it really is. To prevent germs and bacteria from spreading all over the place, be sure to scrub your kitchen sink with a disinfecting cleanser on a daily basis. Also, take your sponge and microwave it for 2 minutes every day. Itíll kill salmonella and E. coli that are lurking from your sponge. Just donít skip this step and youíll see what we were talking about!

Use bleach to keep your washing machine fresh and germ-free

Even though it sounds a bit contradictory, the truth is that your washing machine can be home to potentially harmful microbes. This is because of the dirty laundry Ė it spreads germs, bacteria, and viruses all over the washing machine drum. Besides that, if you fail to disinfect the drum, those germs and bacteria are likely to spread all over your future loads of laundry, too. To prevent that, be sure to use bleach on a weekly basis. All you need to do is to run your washing machine empty with a cup of bleach only. If you want to successfully kill all the germs from your laundry, you should wash it and dry it at the highest temperature the fabric can stand. Thatís the best way to go!

Install a hand dryer for improved hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene has always been a priority in every household, but you know what? It gets even more important nowadays, when the entire world is in the middle of the pandemic. Getting a hand dryer is a huge step towards improving hygiene in your home, so be sure not to skip it. Firstly, hand dryers are energy-efficient, cost-effective, and easy to maintain. They have a very fast drying time, which means that you wonít have to drip all over the bathroom floor before you reach a towel to wipe your hands. If you prefer paper towels over traditional bathroom towels, you must know that hand dryers significantly reduce the waste caused by used paper towels. Does it get better than that? We donít think so!

Sanitize your home office regularly

Millions of people were forced to leave their offices and switch to working in the home environment during the pandemic. If youíre one of them, too, you must remember that your home office is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. Thatís right Ė telephones, desktops, and computer keyboards can host more microbes than you can imagine. This is particularly true if you tend to eat while you work or share equipment with someone else. To keep your home office as clean as possible, make sure to shake out your keyboard and use a vacuum attachment to remove the junk that wonít come out. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe your keyboard, computer screen, and telephone on a daily basis. Also, donít forget to sanitize your desk after several hours spent in front of the computer. Once thatís done, success is guaranteed!

Be sure to properly disinfect your towels

In case you didnít know, towels are one of the biggest bacteria traps in your household. Every time you use a towel, you transfer your natural skin bacteria and other germs onto its surface. This wonít be an issue if youíre the only one who uses the towel. However, it can get problematic if the entire family is using it. Sharing towels is highly likely to speed up the transmission of any infection, so bear that in mind and wash your towels properly. Firstly, be sure to change your face towels at least twice a week. If someone in the family is sick, their towels should be washed after each use. The same goes for gym towels after every workout. Also, try to wash kitchen towels separately from bathroom towels, if possible. Besides that, you should replace hand towels every few days Ė or every time you have guests!

As you can see, there are so many quick and effective ways to successfully kill household germs. All you need to do is to stick to our tips and follow the guidelines. When you do that, youíll see a fantastic improvement, without a shadow of a doubt!

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