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Ideas for Tiling a Kitchen Floor

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ID:	11384Most of us invest a great deal of time in our kitchens, while it's cooking a winter feast or even locating a passion for baking following binging The excellent British Bake off, it is therefore important to make an area that is both functional and attractive to the eye. We've got a massive array of kitchen flooring tiles and we'll talk you through a few kitchen flooring tile suggestions that will assist you design your dream kitchen.

Let us begin with practicality. Our kitchen flooring is guaranteed to be knowledgeable about clutter thus a ceramic tile is a great choice to pick. They are simple to wash and incredibly hard wearing, supplying longevity in your house. If you're searching for suggestions for the best way to maintain your tiles tidy, it is possible to discover helpful cleaning posts within our knowledge base.


A classic kitchen décor could be made using neutral tones since it will provide your flooring longevity, which makes it a solid investment, whilst also letting you flex your imagination on your fittings and fixtures. These kinds of tiles are consequently the top tiles for kitchen flooring.

Our Regal Vanilla Matt tile is the best option of tile to get a kitchen flooring. High functionality and tasteful attributes are in the forefront of this Regal® Collection and also this rectangular tile, at a subtle cream colour, is created from refined ceramic using a flexible matt finish.

You will find an assortment of surface effects offered from the Regal Collection, such as coordinating trims, door pubs and grouts that will assist you produce striking design strategies on both the ground and wall and for extra convenience, these tiles do not require sealing to maintain their incredible finish.


More homeowners are turning their living spaces to become open strategies. This is a superb way to create a room feel a lot larger. To build on this, a fantastic choice is to maintain the floors flush throughout.

A massive space can lack heat therefore earning a timber effect tile, such as Tabula Fog, will add texture into an open program design as it reproduces wood's grain. Kitchen flooring does not have the function as a traditional grid like pattern we have seen in the last several decades, including some textural interest will help draw your attention across the room which makes it feel larger.

If you want more heat, then opt for a darker toned flooring such as Tabula Cappuccino. The best thing about wood impact tiles is their design, unlike actual hardwood floors or laminate, these tiles will provide the genuine texture and grain of wood while providing the tough wearing and effortless cleaning properties of ceramic.


If wood impact isn't quite your cup of java, but you still wish to adopt some character in your kitchen floor then elect to our Devon Grey tile. Where there is a gray, there is a way. Grey tiles really are a far milder option than heading for dark tiles, which such as white, often appear dirt a whole lot more. These particular tiles also supply texture, including South Devon limestone using a matt finish, which is favourable since it does not present dirt in precisely the exact same manner as a polished ceramic could. Pair gray tiles using off-white or hot colored units to get a take on contemporary country style.


A conventional white and black flooring may nevertheless be considered a kitchen staple. But, we love the way our Gatzby tile delivers a spin on the predictable. This ceramic tile, with its own marble effect finish and timeless monochromatic colour palette, embodies Art Deco extravagance. Its cosmetic pattern remembers New York City's roaring 20s, although its own fashion shading ensures a vibrant focus for the kitchen.

Together with large slip resistance, this conventional twist is ideal for when the children come running through. A patterned tile would be the best tile for a cluttered kitchen flooring, it hides those pesky temptations until you get a minute to wash them up. Invest in underfloor heating so that your family remains comfy throughout the chilly months.

Most of us adore our kitchen and together with all the ideal sensible options of flooring tiles, they love us back. We're often asked which is the best tile to your kitchen floor and despite the fact that it's crucial to settle on a flooring with durability and is so simple to wash, select a tile which has that feel-good element for your kitchen from Orientbell Tiles store.

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