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Creating a Backyard Oasis on a Budget

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When your home has a large backyard that is considered a huge plus in the real estate market. However, if you fail to maintain the yard and turn it into a junkyard, then your property loses value and not only that, you lose on the opportunity to have a private oasis.

Reconnecting with nature is important for mental health, so there is no reason not to convert your backyard into a green retreat. Moreover, the conversion is not as expensive as you think right now.

A private retreat

Before youíre ready to update your backyard, you need to ensure privacy. In summer, you might want to walk around in a swimsuit, so you doní really want to be exposed to views of neighbors and passers-by. The most obvious solution is to erect a tall fence but it shouldnít consist of planks.

A far better solution is a cheaper chain-link fence or even a picket fence with the addition of a hedge on the inside. This way, you will have privacy, as well as a green barrier to protect you against dust particles and noise pollution, quite frequent in urban and suburban areas.

Combining elements of a Zen garden

The Japanese Zen garden can provide you with a well of landscaping ideas. Apart from standard amenities, like a large boulder and a small pond, you should turn your attention to details. For example, instead of flower pots that require extra maintenance, you can introduce raised beds in the garden.

Further on, you can hang wind chimes from the porch or add a miniature windmill in the windiest section of the garden. Even old toys and statuettes can be repainted and placed in the garden to boost its appeal. Finally, pathways can be lined up with stones to mark the edges.

Winding paths

Speaking of pathways, they should be everything but linear. You are probably bombarded at work with straight lines, from the computer screen to the notice board. Inside the backyard, you are the chief designers, so make the paths wind through the yard, reaching every corner of the property.

A proper seating area

The seating area inside the backyard is an oasis within an oasis. The seating arrangements have to be as comfortable and ergonomic as possible, so you can enjoy the garden's natural setting to the fullest.
Consider installing a sofa on the patio/deck alongside rattan chairs and a table. If you ever decide to throw a party, this is where the social hotspot will be.

Water features of all sorts

Weíve mentioned earlier that one of the most prominent features of a Zen garden is a small fish pond. In reality, any water feature is more than welcome inside the backyard. If you are low on funds, there ready-made water fountains that can be purchased at any garden or DIY center.

All you have to do is to hook up the fountain to an outdoor water tap and connect it to a drain. If the drain is located far away, do not worry, as this is a great opportunity to create a streamlet in your garden. The sound of running water is just what you need to calm your nerves down!

Finally, if you have children, then a splash pad is a great amenity for summertime. Splash pads are cheaper and easier to build than swimming pools but they are just as fun for kids to play with. There are models that feature LED lights, so at night, they turn into an aquatic lightshow.

Decluttering the yard

Itís hard to unwind when there is a mess around you, isnít it? For this reason, decluttering the backyard is important before and after sprucing up the yard. The greatest snare of clutter is that itís recurrent.
If you wish to do away with clutter for good, then every item in the yard should have its proper place. For instance, miscellaneous garden equipment should be stored in a shed built specifically for that purpose. This can be a DIY project if youíre handy enough.

A verdant lawn

The color green is ideal for resting our eyesight. That is why a verdant lawn is something you simply must have in your yard. The key to maintaining a healthy color green is regular and proper upkeep.
Never cut the blades of grass more than a third of their height, water the lawn infrequently but water it deep, and use grass clipping as fertilizer.

Extra seating options

The patio with its furniture is mandatory if youíre aiming for an oasis of tranquility in the backyard. However, it wouldnít hurt to have extra seating options, such as a small bench alongside the pathway, like in a park.
Furthermore, you can hang a hammock between two trees (or a laundry pole as an alternative). You neednít weave the hammock, as rope and PVC hammock are available at furniture stores. Finally, a tire swing would be something the children would be blown away by.

A fragrant oasis

The sights and sounds of the backyard should be complemented with pleasant smells. A fragrant oasis is best crated by planting scented flowers.

Some of the species you should consider planting include lavender, Freesia, Lily of the Valley (the white blossom is mesmerizing), roses, hyacinth, Gardenia, jasmine, etc.

Inviting friendly wildlife into your garden

Another reason why you want fragrant flowers in your backyard is their ability to attract various useful animal species. From bees to singing birds, your backyard will be teeming with life!

If you truly enjoy the twitter of birds, then install a birdhouse, feeders, and a birdbath to protect your feathery friends. After all, listening to birds sing has a distinctively positive impact on our mental health.

A sports venue

An oasis is a place where you relax and find refuge from the harness of the outside world. However, not all people imagine relaxation as lying rocking in a hammock and sipping a cocktail.

Proactive homeowners can build a mini golf course in their backyard for a more active staycation. Namely, a golf course is much cheaper than a tennis or a basketball court and itís family-friendly.

The perks of building a gazebo

If you wish to combine privacy with a comfy seating option, then a gazebo is the right way to go. It provides the occupants with extra privacy, ideal for a household with a lot of members, especially teenagers and small children.
Also, if you have friends coming over, you can host them in the gazebo and possibly serve lunch there, even if itís raining outside.

Lighting up the backyard

You will have wasted your time creating a backyard oasis that you cannot stay in after dark. There are plenty of traditional methods of how to light up your backyard at night, such as hanging lanterns from the porch or placing scented candles around the seating area.

However, an open fire isnít all that safe, so you might consider buying solar-powered (photovoltaic) garden lamps. They are stuck in the ground and homeowners usually like to place them alongside walkways for safety reasons. Speaking of safety, LEDs can act as a deterrent against home invasions.

The best thing about the home improvements listed above is that they are quite affordable. For instance, instead of a swimming pool, you can have a splash pad and a garden shed for tool storage isnít expensive either. We can safely say that a garden oasis isnít bought by money but envisioned in the heart.

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