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Questions to ask when hiring a moving company

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No matter how skilled and experienced they might be, the moving experts coming to your house are strangers. To be able to let them come into your home, and trust your valuable furniture, you need to make sureyou know everything you need. That’s why when you start browsing moving companies, be sure to have a list of prepared questions to ask each of them. Once you make the selection of a couple of favorite companies, you can compare the answers and be sure that you’ve picked the right choice.

Why it is important to compare companies?

To ensure you’re dealing with the most reliable company, it is necessary to have a couple of options to compare. This way, you’ll be able to ge tan idea of the average costs of your relocation, and also avoid moving scams. Furthermore, companies are eager to give a better offer to help you decide and hire them, so mentioning you’re considering other options can be a benefit.

What to check when hiring a moving company – questions to ask the representatives

Now, let’s get you ready for the interviews with the moving company representatives. You should know the size and distance of your relocation, so you can quickly find out the information you need, and get clear and concise answers.

What’s your experience?

To make sure your furniture and other items are handled by a professional, you need to ask them about their previous experience. Ask for how long have they been in business and what’s the number of satisfied clients they’ve had so far. This should tell a lot about how they do business and help you decide if this company is the right one for you. You can also do some background checks on your own. Visiting will show you the reviews of this company and assure you’re looking at a reliable moving team. Do this with any other mover you want to contact and say what people have to say about their services.

Do you have the necessary license?

You should trust only the moving company that is fully registered and licensed. It’s best to ask if they are members of the American Mover And Storage Association, and have the number that is issued by FMCSA. This will be proof that you’re dealing with a professional and licensed company and can trust them with your belongings.

How are my items protected?

Trusting someone your valuable furniture pieces is always risky, no matter how professional or experienced they are. That’s why your belongings need to be protected. Make sure you ask the company about liability coverage and insurance and avoid one of the main mistakes when moving furniture. Find out what’s their basic insurance plan, and if you can pay more to get full protection. This is particularly important if you’re transporting valuable pieces, that are not that heavy – very often, insurance is based on weight, rather than value.

Can the team handle my belongings?

In case you’re moving bulky, fragile, or valuable items, make sure to ask about the skills and the tools of the moving team. Tell the details about your items, and ask about the tools and techniques they will use to take care of your furniture. Sometimes, deliveries include dismantling and special protection, so a skillful team must do that for you.

Should I prepare my items before the moving team arrives in my home?

Depending on the items you’re moving, it might be necessary to do proper and timely preparation of your furniture. However, when scheduling your move, be sure to ask your moving company about the items they will relocate from your home. Skilled professionals should tell you more about this, and give you some advice on preparation, or simply tell you they’ll do all the work.

Do they provide storage?

Storage units are very useful when relocating home. You can store some of your furniture pieces in case you’re moving into a smaller home, or waiting for your home to be ready for moving in. Either way, ask about the available facilities and conditions they provide. Fragile furniture pieces need a climate-controlled environment and a clean and safe unit.

Are there any additional charges?

A common problem when hiring a moving company is additional and surprising charges that come after the move is finished. That’s why you need to ask the moving company you interview to be clear about their estimate and tell if any additional charges might come up from your move. This can happen if there are any specialty items on your inventory list, unusual conditions, etc.

What’s the cancelation policy?

Different moving companies have different cancelation policies. Even though you don’t need to cancel or change anything about your relocation, it’s good to know the rules in case something unexpected happens.

What are the forms and ways of payment?

The way a company asks for payment can be a signal to hiring them or not. Large deposits of full prepayments are not common in the moving business and should be considered suspicious.

When can I expect my items?

Sometimes, people expect the fastest delivery of their items and feel worried or disappointed if that doesn’t happen. That’s why it is necessary to find out the schedule of your relocation and make sure you’re informed of how long it will take to relocate your belongings. Surely, delays can happen, especially if you’re moving to a big and busy city, but an approximate delivery time is something you should ask about.

In the end…

…say thank you if a representative patiently answered your questions. Clear, concise, and informative answers are a sign you’re dealing with a trustworthy professional. Always focus on reliability, and be sure your items are handled by a pro you can trust.

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