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Put Your House On Diet

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You’ve heard of the fat-free, or sugar-free diet, how about the clutter-free diet (like Vicente Wolf’s room above, ummm). Has your house been fed too much junk food? Do you feel overly stressed in your home? Is It hard to find things? Time to deny denial and get in shape (yes, I’m listening).

Once Christmas is put away, I find it a great time to clean out from the previous years accumulating. But, I’ve found, you can’t organize until you first declutter. Which means letting go of both material and emotional baggage which we love to hold on to, but need to let go. So both my house and I are going on a diet (we’ll see who survives the longest).
Here’s 7 ways to live leaner in the new year.

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1.Start easy. Set goals for cleaning out at least one room a month. Start with the least cluttered rooms, like living room or dining room. Don’t tackle the whole house at once. Just like any diet, you will give up if it seems too overwhelming.

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2.Paper clutter is the worst. Go through old magazines, books, newspapers, junk mail, old bills and throw out (recycle) everything not needed from last year. I like to take my old magazines to the Drs. office for others to enjoy.

3.Rearrange and refresh. Take everything off of shelves, bookcases, tabletops and place in the center of the room. Rethink ways of arranging things differently so it feels fresh and new. Even shop other rooms for new things to use in different ways. Then only replace 1/2 to 2/3 of what was there. Pick larger pieces as opposed to lots of little pieces to place back.

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4.Tchotchke overload. The hardest thing to give up are those knick-knacks, tchotchkes (try spelling that one), or souvenirs that people have given to us (magnets, plaques, cards, figurines etc. seem to reproduce on shelves, tabletops and hung on door knobs) I like to enjoy them for a few weeks then add them to a box for the thrift store for someone else to give and enjoy. To remember them, you can photograph them, write who from, and view them on your computer.

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5.Kids art and projects. Instead of taping them up all over the walls and fridge, photograph them and view them as a slideshow anytime on the computer. Write name and date of art. Keep limited originals in a large flat plastic box under child’s bed for easy viewing.

6.Cupboard door organizing. Assign a kitchen INTERIOR cupboard door to each member of the family. Tape or attach all activities/calendar to the inside of a cupboard door. Then all clutter is removed from sight and the kitchen countertop. People then know exactly where to look for their schedule of activities, invites, and appointments.
7.Corner catch-all. Remove and sort clutter that gets stacked up next to cabinets, sofas, and in empty corners. Only place pieces in the room, that serve as functioning furnishings (yes, you know you do this just like me).

Well, those are a few low calorie house ideas I like. Do you have any more to share? As with any diet you have to stick to it and change mindset from a temporary fix, to a life style change. Then with a little maintenance, you and your house will look super!
I think I have myself motivated, we’ll see what happens in the new year. Wish me luck!

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