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Essential questions to ask your furniture movers

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Relocation is one of the life events that generates a major stress. The move itself is a mixture of the fear of change and the unknown, as well as the fear of making a moving mistake. Therefore, experts recommend planning this process and having the help of specialists, especially if your are moving your whole household with you. But, what are the essential question sto ask your furniture movers so that your things arrive safely and you do not get unpleasant surprises regarding the service or the price to pay? The questions that arise in this regard are numerous, but letís see what are the most frequent ones.

1. What requirements must the moving company meet?

In order to avoid any inconvenience, it is highly recommended to check if your moving company guarantees some basic points:

  • Is the company properly registered?
  • Do they have all necessary licences?
  • How many years they have been in business?
  • Do they run a background check on their employees?
  • Do they have any references?

To make sure you are hiring trustworthy, dependable, and best-quality movers, browse Reputable website can considerably shorten this otherwise very time-consuming procedure.

2. How much will it cost?

The moving company should prepare a preliminary budget with all the costs included. These are some points you should check with them regarding the moving cost:

  • Ask your moving company for a quote.
  • Ask if the quote includes anyextra charges or hidden fees.
  • What do they take into consideration when theycalculate prices (quantity,size, weight,distance, work hours, number of employees required, etc.)?
  • What are the factors that could increase the moving cost?

3. What types of insurance does this company offer?

One of the biggest fears of customers is losing or breaking their goods during the move. Therefore, it is recommended to make a declaration of the value of your possessions before the move. Besides basic liability coverage that all moving companies are required to provide, ask for the possibility of additional insurance coverage. However, it is highly recommended that you always have your personal documentation and valuables with you during the move.

4. What documents will the moving company provide before you move?

Ask your moving company about the documents you should read and sign before the move and what you need to have prepared. Legally binding written contract between you and your moving company will set out your rights and obligations. Among other things, it should include detailed information about the services that will be rendered.

5. Will your moving company be able to provide all the services you need?

Each moving company provides their own set of different services so you should always check and make sure that the service you require can be provided by your chosen movers. Here are some of the additional services that moving companies usually provide:

  • Loading and unloading services
  • Packing services
  • Furniture assembly/disassembly services
  • Transportation for specialty items, such as smart beds, foam mattresses, pianos, etc.
  • Storage
  • Cleaning services

6. How to protect your wood furniture during a move?

Wood furniture can easily be damaged during a move. We will give you a few tips on how to prepare, pack and store your wood furniture and how to do it right so it remains exactly as it was before the move. Keep in mind that this is not an easy task, and a helping hand will be more then welcome.

  • Clean it

This is a basic tip: if you want to store a piece of furniture, you must first remove all dust. In the case of wood furniture, you need a damp cloth -that does not damage the surface- to remove any residue. Then, you should dry it with a dry cloth and clean with a special cleaning liquid for wood.

  • Apply wax

Only a coat of wax on your wood furniture will be enough to protect them from possible scratches.

  • Empty all drawers

This advice will help you whether you are going to keep your wood furniture in a storage, or you are going to take them on your move. Full drawers cause your wood furniture to weigh a lot during transport and it could be harmfull both for people who carry it and the furniture.

  • Dismantle your furniture as much as possible

Remove the table legs, or the headboard from your bed. But remember to keep the screws, knobs, and handles in properly labeled bags so as not to create confusion when reassembling everything. The reliable and experienced furniture movers will do this quickly and efficiently .

  • Protect your furniture with fabrics

The furniture is usually protected with plastic during relocations. However, this can only protect your wood furniture from dust and it is likely to cause mold and damage the wood. Get theproper packing equipment such as thickand large fabrics, moving blankets or furniture pads, and cover your furniture in order to protect it from scratchesand hits during the move. Pay extra attention to the corners. Even better, you can leave all thepacking, unpacking, or custom cratingto the moving experts.

  • Find a good storage place

If there is no enough space in your new home, or you just need to store your furniture for some time and make sure you do it right. You should look for a moving company that provides a good and reliable storage service. For storing wooden furniture, the storage units have to be clean, safe, well/kept, pest-free, and easily accessible. They also need to have climate control to keep the temperature even and humidity consistently low so you do not have to worry about moisture and mold. The experts who provide these professional services will know how to store your belongings. Properly secured storage unit will alleviate your stress and worries.

7. How to protect the most fragile items?

Fragile items can cause problems during the relocation. The professionals can evaluate the objects that are more fragile and suggest the most appropriate packaging for their transport, or wrap and pack them to avoid any damage. If you have valuable items such as antique furniture, sculptures, or crystal objects, it is a good idea to take a photo of them before the move.

8. Is there an additional fee for oversized items?

Inform on time your moving company about any oversized items such as music instruments, pool tables or safes you are planning to move. Keep in mind that these items may be subject to special charges.

9. Will your movers do the loading and unloading?

One of the questions you will need to ask your moving company is who will load and unload your possessions of the moving truck. Heavy and fragile items should always be handled by experienced team of movers. You should make sure that your moving company has a well-trained, qualified team of moving professionals who are physically able to move all your household items in a safely manner.

10. Are there additional charges for fuel?

Ask your movers about the fuel charges as they might be included into the final moving price. Being informed about additional charges for fuel is especially important when you are moving long distance.

11. Does your moving company guarantee pick up and delivery dates?

Ask your movers to give you an estimate on how long the complete move will last. But if you want a guaranteed delivery date, ask for it in a written form. So if the delivery is late, your moving company should reimburse you accordingly.

12. How do you pay for your move?

First of all, ask your mover which payment methods they accept. Some moving companies do not accept credit cards or checks so you will need to have your cash ready when the payment is due. Moving expenses can easily add up and then a personal loan or a credit card could be the only payment option for you. Although most of the moving companies require payment in advance or a deposit, you are not required to pay until the moving service has been completed.

13. What to do if I move overseas?

In such case, you must hire a specialized moving company that is capable of managing export and import customs clearance quickly. If not, any possible delay could entail costs, which will have to be born by you. The moving company will take care of the entire process of moving, transit times, documentation necessary for customs clearance, and goods that are allowed or prohibited in the country of destination.

14. What if I need to cancel the move?

Sometimes, life can be unpredictable and you might need to cancel your move for a good, valid reason. That is why you should ask your moving company about their cancellation policy before you sign any contract. Depending on how much in advance you cancel your move, some companies will let you do it free of charge. But most of the movers require a deposit in order to reserve a moving date, and they will probably keep all or part of it in case of cancellation. They might even charge you additional fees .

Finally, we recommend that before calling a moving service, you make a personal inventory of your furniture and boxes to prevent their loss during the move. You should also take the measurements of the largest pieces of furniture as well as the width of the stairs, corridors, elevator, and doors through which they will have to pass to check if they will fit.

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