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Renting A Studio Room In Luxembourg

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Are you wondering what a studio apartment means? It is simply a bachelor kind of apartment. It sometimes comes with a separate bedroom, living room, and kitchen. If you place a high value on your privacy, renting a comfortable studio in Luxembourg is possible.

If as a bachelor, you have been offered a job in Luxembourg, getting a studio should appeal to you. You can choose to rent a studio until you are more settled. You may need to weigh your other options, which are renting a single room or sharing a flat.

Advantages of renting a single room

  • You spend less compared to renting a studio.
  • It is easier to find single rooms that are close to your taste.
  • Your privacy is quite guaranteed.
  • You take full responsibility for what you use without interference from others.
  • If you are a born introvert, renting a single room can always afford you the calmness you crave.

Disadvantages of renting a single room

  • Renting a single apartment may sometimes be more expensive than sharing a flat.
  • You may later find that you need more space.
  • You have relatively limited opportunities to interact with your neighbors.

Advantages of renting a shared flat

  • You can save a lot on the rental cost.
  • You have relatively greater opportunities to get to know your environment and interact with neighbors.
  • If you are a born extrovert, renting a flatshare can help boost your personality.
  • You also have enough space to support your lifestyle.

Disadvantages of renting a shared flat

  • You may encounter specific flat rules that may cause little inconveniences.
  • The hidden cost is typical for renting shared flats.

Things you need to rent a studio

You will need your ID and passport. You may also be required to provide proof of employment and proof of income.

How to go about renting a studio?

You need to use local real estate agencies. You may also contact the Relocation Office. Many foreigners have reported that they found the vacant apartments from newspaper adverts. However, you may not be familiar with the official languages here. Better advice is to use Vauban fort real estate website to find good deals when you need to rent a studio in Luxembourg.

Important points to note

Compare contracts

Some studios may come with a living room separated from the bedroom. These studios generally cost more than studios which combine both living room and bedroom. Be sure to weigh all your options before you pick your choice.

Pay special attention to inventory

Upon inspection of your studio apartment, take time to check if every item listed in your inventory form is precise as stipulated (in terms of quantity and working condition). If you observe any discrepancy, discuss it with your agent or landlord immediately during the inspection. This will save you from paying for things that were not damaged by you.

Consider insurance cover

Ask for details of the house insurance. You need to know all that the house insurance covers to avoid hidden charges and protect yourself against certain damages.

Give a notice when leaving

When you are about to vacate the property, you are required by law to give a three-month prior notice. If you need to move out suddenly, you can make arrangements with your agent or landlord so you can reach a compromise.

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