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Things to consider when renting a NYC storage unit for your furniture

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Living in New York can be challenging. The city itself is expensive, the rents are high, and life seems like a big fuzzy mess. Only a few of the lucky ones who earn enough money can call themselves the owners of the big apartments. And only a few of the big city residents can enjoy the spacious apartments. If you're in the majority of those who live in a little apartment filled with stuff, there's an easy solution. And it doesn't require moving to the suburbs or looking for a bigger place. Why not rent a storage unit for your furniture? But before you give your money, there are things to consider when renting a NYC storage unit for your furniture.

Why do you need a storage unit?

There are a lot of reasons why somebody needs a storage unit. It's not just about the lack of space. Maybe you need to move to a smaller house. Or maybe you have to move into a bigger house, but you need somewhere to leave it before you move in. Sometimes you inherit someone's old furniture and things. And, let's face it, it all comes in handy at some point.

So the storage unit is an ideal solution for those kinds of problems. You can find them in different sizes, which means that you can find one that's ideal for your needs. And if you need any help with moving your furniture to or out of the storage, consider contacting Brooklyn Movers New York for any kind of help.

Things to consider when renting a NYC storage unit for your furniture

Furniture is sensitive to outdoor influences such as humidity, temperature fluctuations, condensation, and dirt. That is why there are a few things to consider when storing your furniture. You have to know that it requires special climate-controlled ambient. And this is just one thing to have in mind when searching for perfect storage. So let's proceed with some other things.

A blue couch between a yellow and a red bench.
What to do with excess furniture?

Location and accessibility

When you store your things, whether it's furniture or anything else, you want it to be as near as possible. But sometimes, storages near the city center are more expensive, so you want to try to find a balance between price and closeness. Think about how often you'll have to go and do you need it to be that close. Also, make sure that is easily accessible, 24/7 if possible and on weekends, so that you can access your things when you need them.

Choose climate-controlled unit

As we mentioned earlier, it is very important to choose a climate-controlled storage unit for your furniture. Why? Because extreme cold and/or heat can cause cracks, deformities, and melting on your household items. Also, humidity can cause the growth of mold, which can lead to rotting and swelling, especially when it comes to mattresses. And climate-controlled units prevent this by keeping the ambient temperature between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

A person signing papers on renting a NYC storage unit
Consider getting insurance!

Get an insurance

Storage companies are often not held responsible for items inside the units. So if there's to be a flood, a break-in, or something similar, the company does not pay for or replace your belongings. That's why it's a good thing to consider adding storing insurance to your list. Find the one that suits you best. Just in case.

Clean your furniture

Make sure to clean your furniture thoroughly, and remove any dirt or food particles. It's important for various reasons, and one of them is to prevent mold and not to attract pests. Different types of furniture require different care:

  • Leather items - clean them with leather-safe solutions or with wet wipes for leather and allow them to dry completely before packing
  • Wood furniture - pieces like chairs, tables, wardrobes, etc. need to be dust off and then wiped with solutions for wood or a wet towel. As a final touch, you can use wood polish to shine those items up. Just make sure that they are fully dried before applying wood polish.
  • Upholstered items - fabric-lined furniture like sofa and couches need to be vacuumed first, to remove any dirt or dust. One more thing that you could use is a steam cleaner. And as for all from the above, you need to let them dry before you pack them.

Disassemble to save space

After you clean everything, make sure to disassemble every bulky piece of furniture. Not only does this ease transportation and make the organization easier, but it also leaves you with more space. Here is something you can do:

  • remove drawers from wardrobes and chests
  • detach chair and table legs
  • separate headboard and mattress from beds

Keep in mind to label the parts and the boxes you put them in, so as not to lose anything, and to save some time assembling them.

A room with moldy walls and a chair.
Keep your storage clean to avoid mold

Wrap it up

After you're done with cleaning and disassembling everything, it's time for packing. Prepare yourself for a lot of wrapping! You want to make sure that nothing stays uncovered, to avoid any possible damages during the time in the storage. Tip for packing: you want to avoid plastic wraps for your furniture since they can trap moisture and cause molding. Instead, use old blankets and sheets if you got any because it will keep your furniture nice and dry.

Moving to storage

Once you're done cleaning and packing you're almost ready to go. Now comes the easier part when it comes to renting a NYC storage unit. Moving your furniture to the storage. And by easy, we mean hiring professional help. If you work on this task with experts that have previous experience with these things, you'll save time and energy for doing something you like. Call and make the arrangement today!

Start looking!

Don't waste your time, and start looking! Although there are a lot of companies that offer storage, finding and renting a NYC storage unit can take some time. Especially if you want it to cover all your needs. The perfect storage is out there, you just need to find it and ask your furniture movers all the right questions before you strike a deal. So pick up the phone, call some friends over and start wrapping.

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