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Baton Rouge condo ideas you will love

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Baton Rouge skyline.More and more people are moving into the cities and the demand for affordable housing is growing. As a result, condos are popping up everywhere. Things are not that different in Baton Rouge and the great state of Louisiana. With the growing need for condos, there is also a multitude of different wants needs, and desires as well as design ideas. Everyone has a specific design, dream design, in mind and online resources and ideas are certainly not lacking. Over the years we all create a mental image of the perfect condo design we want. So, if you are planning on buying a condo here we can present some of the Baton Rouge condo ideas and advice that you will love and possibly incorporate into your dream design.

Decorating a condo

Well, condos are usually a lot smaller than family homes presenting us with a list of challenges. There is less space to design and work with. They usually lack storage space and can end up being boring. With all this in mind, it is useful to research, explore and implement different ideas available online. A good source of ideas is Pinterest, apartment therapy, and other websites.

Of course, you have to have an idea of the vibe you want for your condo and living space. Once you know all this you have to execute your idea and bring it to life. It is highly advisable to start, and preferably finish this job before you plan your move. According to moving experts from Zippy Shell Louisiana, you should try to get things sorted out before you organize your relocation to Baton Rouge.

Home Décor for your Baton Rouge condo
Everyone has its own dream condo design in mind

So, if you are prepared to start looking for a condo in Baton Rouge and start planning its design here are a few ideas and advice that you can find useful.

  • Use plants in your design
  • Incorporate drapes,
  • and Artwork
  • Accessorize
  • Think of the wallpapers, paint, and colors
  • Consider the lighting
  • Utilize furniture
  • Utilize vertical, wall space

​Use plants in your design

Bring a little life and greenery to your living space. Condos can sometimes lack access to trees, and nature. So, a good idea is to create a small green oasis in your home or the patio. look for plants that don't require too much watering. You can also use artificial plants in small pockets of space all around the place. If not then make sure to have fresh flowers from the market often.

Incorporate drapes

Drapes can make a great statement in your living space. Drapes can be one of the best ideas for your Baton Rouge condo that can make it stand out. Use dark drapes to make give your condo a stylish look and always make sure that they complement the wall colors.

A room with plant motives.
Add some greenery to your condo décor

Incorporate Artwork

Spice up your living space and give a sense of class with the artwork. Make one wall of your condo a display focal point for your artwork. Be sure to find the right frames to complement your art and find the right layout. Proper artwork selection and adequate display can add to the look and feel of your living space.


Accessories can add to the style of your condo but they can take up much-needed space. So make sure to find the balance between your furniture, accessories, and space. Be creative to add style to your space. You can use mirrors to add class and make your space look bigger. Use floating bookshelves to display your books and accessories while saving your floor space. Hand your TV on the wall and dispense with bulky media centers that take up space.

The wallpapers, paint, and colors

Other than using mirrors you can also use different paint colors to achieve a certain effect. For example, your ceiling can be darker than the walls to give a sense of height. You can also use stripes in certain ways to enhance the look of the room. Use different colors and designs to make an illusion of space and make the rooms look larger.

Wallpapers and their use can also add to the extravagance of your space and are a great idea for your Baton Rouge condo. Make an accent wall with wallpapers, experiment with different styles until you find the look you need. Use them in the hallways or as a background to your couch.

Consider lighting

Lighting can make org break your living space. Natural light is what you need as it gives a sense of air and space to your condo. The bright and sunny room can lift your spirits. However, if this is scarcely available be smart about the lighting solutions you incorporate. Today the possibilities are endless so do your research.

A brown-colored designed room.
Make sure to utilize your vertical space and also
furniture and color combinations to get the vibe you want

Utilize your furniture

Condos are usually a bit smaller so you have to pick your furniture carefully to make your space look clean and be more functional. do not choose bulky furniture and incorporate only the furniture that is useful in your design. Also, try a few tricks with darker furniture colors and their placement.

Use glass tables and shelves as they can make space seem bigger.
When moving to your new condo in Baton Rouge you may find that your existing furniture may not be right for your new living space. In these cases, you will be forced to put it in storage. Luckily you can easily find the place where your furniture will be safe in Baton Rouge until you need it again.

Utilize vertical, wall space

Small condos have limited decorating possibilities due to the lack of space. In these cases, you have to be creative. Utilize your calls to the fullest. Use floating shelves that make the space seem clean and accentuate the space. Use ceiling to floor drapers to add height and make the room more spacious. Hang more mirrors to visually make the space bigger and hand everything you can on the walls to keep the floors clean and uncluttered.

So, there are many great Baton Rouge condo ideas you can incorporate into your design. Do your research and find the vibe and style that is right for you. Once you do this try to find as many ideas that will work for you as you can.

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