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How to decorate your rental apartment in NYC

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Living in New York City most likely means renting an apartment. There are dozens of reasons why most people who live in NYC are renting apartments. For starters, real estate is very expensive in New York City and not everyone is able to afford a home at such a high price. The second reason why most people are renting apartments is because of the fact that there aren't plenty of homes for sale anyways. People who own homes in NYC don't really want to sell them as they are able to get a good monthly earning from them by renting them out. But this certainly is a topic for another time. We want to focus on telling you just how you can decorate your rental apartment in NYC without having to spend a lot of money and without breaking the deal you have with your landlord. Most landlords don't let you make big changes to the apartment hence why we think that these tips are just what you need.

Small NYC apartments

We all know that New York City is known for having small apartments that are overpriced. These are usually the apartments you find in Manhattan and similar more popular NYC neighborhoods. As these apartments are the most common type of apartments people are renting in NYC, we have to include some ideas that are made specifically for making small apartments seem larger. This illusion is easy to create but not a lot of people know just how it's done. So, here are a couple of tips to follow.

The walls in NYC apartments are usually very tall even though the apartment is small. This allows you to do plenty of things that will make the apartment seem larger. For example, you can put up long curtains. They make a huge difference. Short curtains can only make the room appear smaller which is surely something you want to avoid.
To make the apartment seem even larger, use small furniture. Small furniture will make the room appear bigger as well. It is much better to have a couple of armchairs than one large sofa. This will also allow you to customize how you want your interior to look. You can move the chairs around any way you like and how you need them to be. This is not something you can do with a sofa. You can, but not as much as you can with armchairs or lazy bags.

As a lot of people who live in NYC move frequently, this type of furniture is much more convenient as it is easier to relocate. But, easy transfer of large pieces is also possible. All you need to do is hire movers to assist with the relocation.

Dividing rooms

A lot of New York City apartments don't have divided rooms, especially small apartments. No matter whether living alone or with someone, diving rooms is what you need to do. This will make your space look more put together and privacy will be much easier to obtain. One way you can divide rooms if living alone is with rugs. Not a lot of people would think of doing this but you can actually divide rooms with floors, in this case, rugs. Use different colored rugs to divide rooms by type. Have a black rug in your bedroom and have it end where your living room starts, for example. Place another rug in the living room to create a border with your bedroom. You can do this for all rooms in the apartment.

You can also purchase room dividers. These are usually wooden or plastic and they come in various designs and colors. This can also add a very nice touch to your interior design as these dividers look really nice. The best part about them is that you can fold them and unfold them wherever and however you like. They also don't change the apartment but they make a huge difference which is perfect as you have to decorate your rental apartment without making any big changes. You have surely seen these somewhere, at least in a movie. These are also very easy to move as they don't take up a lot of space and they're very light. Regardless, calling to assist with the relocation is the best thing to do when moving in NYC.

Lighting is important

The way your lighting looks is very important if you want to decorate your rental apartment so that it looks nice. Natural light is the best light to have but we all know that NYC apartments don't have a lot of it. Some do, but most are very dark. If this is the case with your apartment as well, you have to find the perfect lighting for your apartment.

The one thing to have in mind is that floor fighting makes your space appear bigger and more modern. This is why we would advise using lamps that stand on the floor rather than ones that you have to hang up on the wall. Even though using wall space is important, you don't have to use it for lighting. There are plenty of modern lamps, both big and small, that you can consider getting for your rental NYC apartment.


You might not be able to color the walls but you can incorporate colors into your apartment in many different ways. Use colorful rugs and furniture, they will make your space look much nicer. You can match the colors for an even more put-together interior. Using colors such as orange, red, yellow, and pink together and incorporating dark colors is very modern and trendy right now and is what we recommend doing.

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