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Guidelines for finding the best NYC storage for your furniture

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A woman showing a user guide for finding the best NYC storage.

A storage unit is a place where you can put all your items in the short or long term. If you live in NYC or you are moving there, then explore storage facilities there. Finding the best NYC storage is not simple, because you need to make sure your furniture wonít be damaged and of course, it must be safe.

Reasons to rent a storage unit in NYC

Why do people rent a storage unit in New York City and what are the pros of having one? How it may help you? Here are some of the reasons for renting a storage unit in a big city such as NYC:

- When moving to NYC, a storage unit is very helpful. But how? Apartments in NYC are not cheap, and usually, they are smaller, so many people after moving here, cannot put all their furniture into a new apartment. When downsizing, finding the best NYC storage can help you. Also, if you need to stage your home, you will need a safe place for your belongings. Sometimes, it may happen that your new apartment is not ready for moving in, so the only option is to rent a temporary storage unit. You donít have to throw away all your items when moving, decide which furniture stays and which goes. Furniture that ďgoesĒ can be stored in storage space.

- To provide more space in your new NYC home. A cluttered home is not nice, and you wonít have enough space for you and people who want to come over.

- Winters in NYC are snowy and cold. If you own a vehicle, for example, a motorcycle, a storage unit is one of the options to keep vehicles safe in the offseason.

- If you are renovating a home, it is easier to renovate it when it is empty. Also, your items wonít be damaged. To renovate from the ground up stress-free, make sure all your furniture is in a safe place.

- Dorm rooms should be empty during the summer. Many students rent one storage unit together for their personal items.

- Many businesses in NYC rent a storage unit and their offices are decluttered and clean. Employees are more productive when their office is clean.

A view of NYC.
NYC has plenty of different storage units for you.

Tips for finding the best NYC storage

If you have a reason to rent self-storage for your furniture, you need to know how to find a perfect storage unit for you.

- Choose the location first, NYC is a big city. Keep in mind that storage unit prices are not the same in Manhattan and Queens, for instance. You can have a quality storage facility at a reasonable price. Many cost-effective options are available in NYC, even it is one of the most expensive cities in the USA.

- Get the right size. First, know how much furniture you have to store. Renting a bigger storage unit is more expensive, so rent the size you actually need.

- Set your budget and know what you will get for the price you are paying. The costs are a big factor, and they vary from company to company.

- Make sure that the temperature in a storage unit is good for wooden furniture. Also, check if there is mold or other issues that may harm your items.

- Better be safe than sorry, so t is important to have the right insurance for all your furniture. What will you do in case of a fire or pest infestation, or water damage? Or if your furniture gets stolen? Besides finding the best NYC storage, you need to find a good insurance package.

- Flexibility in the contract is a big advantage. You donít have to be tied into a contract for a minimum period of time. Read a contract completely, a couple of times, before signing it.

Storage units.
There are different types of storages, choose the best for your furniture.

If you have friends who rented a storage unit in NYC, ask them for a recommendation. Also, search online for more reliable storage services in this city. One of the websites to visit is because they offer more services, not only storages.

How to store your furniture properly?

After finding the best NYC storage unit for your furniture, you need to store furniture properly.

- The first step to take is to clean all your furniture. Deep cleaning is also a way to update your furniture on a budget. For antiques and wooden furniture, use special cleaning supplies. Strong soap can damage the wood. Fabrics must be completely dry before storing.

- Take everything apart and disassemble your furniture into smaller pieces. This way, you will move furniture easier and it will take less space in a storage unit.

- Wrap your furniture to protect it from dirt and dust. You can cover up the floor in storage too, to prevent moisture from the floor from seeping into your furniture. You can use a moving blanket, sheet, plastic, linen sheet, etc.

- If you have furniture made of glass, for example, tables and mirrors, use air bubble foil to wrap breakable items. Get a firm and new moving box, to pack your fragile items.

- Donít put too many items inside of your storage unit, donít overdo it. Keep your storage organized and clean, and you will always have easy access to your furniture inside.

a question mark.
What is your reason for renting a storage unit in NYC?

Now, finding the best NYC storage will be simple and easy for you Ė even if you are renting it for the first time. By following these steps, you will be able to find the perfect one for you.

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