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How to transport expensive wood furniture across the country

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The time has come - you're moving across the country. Did you get a job offer you can't refuse? Maybe moving for college? Whatever the reason is, this is the chance for a new beginning. Although a lot of people would like a clean start (since you're starting fresh) and buy new things, some of us prefer having something with us reminding us of a place where we used to live. Or maybe you just don't have the money to buy everything new. So, you'll at least want to bring your furniture with you, just for the start. And moving bulky furniture can be tough, especially when it comes to wooden furniture. That's why we're here to briefly explain to you how to transport expensive wood furniture across the country.

Be extremely careful with packing wooden furniture

Packing furniture can be hard and very time-consuming. Especially when it comes to heavy and expensive pieces. Wooden furniture is one of those pieces you want extra protection on since these pieces are the ones that are more likely to get scratched and damaged. That's why the best thing to do is to find someone familiar with it. If you trust professionals to do this you won't have to worry a bit. After all, you wouldn't want your furniture to go to waste now, wood you?

How to transport expensive wood furniture across the country?

The process of moving from one house to another, or from one apartment to another offers different challenges for everyone. And if we classify these difficult tasks and rank them according to their levels of difficulty, physically moving pieces of furniture will be one of the most difficult things when you move. Particularly if you're moving from Florida to New York. So, if you need some help or some tips, stick with us through our ''how to transport expensive wood furniture across the country'' list of tasks.

Create an inventory list

Create a detailed list of all the pieces of furniture you have in your home: beds, sofas, couches, chairs, tables, bedside tables, tables, boards, cabinets, cabinets, bookshelves, and so on. Don’t skip a single piece, as you’ll need inventory to check which furniture will be moved to your new home. Also, you're gonna need to use it later as a packing list. After the move is done, you will be able to check the delivered pieces of furniture according to that inventory and check if they were all successfully delivered.

Measure, measure, measure

This is an important step, because, more or less, all of the transportation costs depend on the size and number of your furniture.

These are just some of the factors that should be considered when transporting furniture:

  • Item size - the larger the piece of furniture, the bigger the cost
  • Weight - heavier pieces of furniture may have limited ways of transportation, resulting in bigger expenses
  • Shipping distance and method - similar to previous factors, the further the destination, the more expensive it would be. Also, you may want to avoid shipping by air (if not really necessary), since it's the most expensive way of transport

Clean everything before the move

Like with any other furniture, you want your wooden pieces to be thoroughly clean. And for two reasons. First, collected dust can damage the varnish, and cleaning the furniture can reduce scratching. The second is that wooden furniture is highly susceptible to tiny insects, and by cleaning them, you're making sure that there are no signs of infestation. The last thing you'll want is to move unwanted tenants to your new place along with the furniture.

Disassemble bigger pieces of furniture

One of the best ways to protect furniture when moving is to partially or completely disassemble some of the larger pieces and then wrap the separated parts individually for better protection while moving. This applies to doorknobs, handles, and casters. Also, the main structure of the furniture becomes lighter and safer to carry and load in a moving truck, or whichever type of transport.

Gather supplies for packing

Everybody knows that you should first wrap and protect your furniture before moving it. And it gets a little tricky with the wooden pieces. The materials you'll want to use are blankets, bubble wraps, cardboard, pillows, and bubble paper. Here are some tips on protecting them:

  • use tape to keep drawers and cabinet doors in place. But don't tape them directly to wood! Put a piece of paper or cardboard first, so as not to damage the varnish
  • use newspapers to wrap them to save some money
  • don't use the bubble wrap directly on the wood. Wood is highly porous, and it can be damaging to the surface. Instead, wrap some blankets around it first.
  • adding a layer of finishing wax is a great way to prevent your furniture from any damage and scratches

PRO TIP: Use a furniture dolly to help move the items out of the house and onto the moving truck.

Find experienced movers

If you're not sure how to transport expensive wood furniture, or you just want your furniture to be extra safe, consider experts' help. Visit, and talk to them about your necessities. Sometimes, packing and disassembling furniture are additional costs that impact your budget regardless of the price of the transport. But if you contact these highly trained staff, you'll be able to get the quote obtaining every service you need, at the same price. Just make sure to arrange everything and to make a plan with them on how to load and pack everything in the truck to minimize damages.

Get ready to transport like a pro!

We hope that this little guide of ours, how to transport expensive wood furniture across the country, helped you out with any questions or dilemmas that you might have. And though you may now feel super comfortable packing and transporting the furniture yourself, still the best option would be to hire professionals and enjoy your Florida to New York move stress-free. Wooden it feel nice for a change?

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