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Shiraz Kahn

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Installation

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Getting a new air conditioning unit in Hammond, LA is expensive. The price of an A/C system is only a piece of the total cost to install the equipment. You will also need to hire a qualified professional HVAC contractor, pay for a pre-installation evaluation, and probably for air duct installation. You'll likely need thousands of dollars.

Installing a brand new A/C can indeed cause a huge dent in your home improvement budget. To help you pay only for what's necessary and save as much money as you can without compromising the A/C quality, here are some tips you can keep in mind.

Determine your cooling needs.

Different air conditioning types have different ideal applications. For instance, a central air conditioning unit is best for a house or building with multiple rooms to be cooled simultaneously. Installing this type of A/C, however, is costly, especially if there's no existing ductwork.

A ductless system would be an ideal option if you're only home at night and is usually less expensive than the ducted type. The point is, you have to examine your cooling needs to find the right, economical unit for your space.

Find equipment rebates.

Many local governments promote the use of high-efficiency air conditioning units by offering rebates. A/Cs with higher energy efficiency ratings tend to be more expensive than the lower efficient ones, and the rebates can help offset the cost. Talk to your local HVAC contractor for more information on air conditioning rebates in Hammond, LA.

Aside from rebates, energy-efficient air conditioning units are less costly to run, which means you'll save money on running the unit.

Time it right.

You may find the best deals during the off-season - spring and fall because the supply for the air conditioning unit in this season tends to be higher than the buyer's demand. An increase in supply and decrease in demand will likely cause a fall in equilibrium price.

So if you're not in a rush to get a brand new air conditioning unit, you might as well wait for the off-season. Furthermore, installers during off-seasons aren't so busy, so you can expect a faster turnaround time and maybe even score some discount.

Don't fall for the cheapest price.

The cheapest air conditioning unit may save you some bucks upfront, but it may just cost you more money in the long run. While not applicable to all, cheap products are often low quality. You may just end up needing a new air conditioning unit a few months after purchasing the cheapest possible conditioning unit in the market.

Furthermore, you also have to take into account the operating cost. Inexpensive air conditioning units are typically low efficient. So they will consume more electricity which means high electric bills every month.

Choose a reliable HVAC contractor.

A licensed HVAC contractor may charge you higher than an amateur. It's likely because they have spent years training and learning their craft. It also means they can install the unit properly the first time, giving you a seamless experience and saving you from costly repairs later on.

What Variables Affect the Installation Cost?

The installation process isn't just all about mounting your air conditioning unit in the wall or something like that. There are many other steps involved in this process, and they could affect the overall installation cost. Here are some of them:

  • Pre-installation evaluation (involves load calculation and energy audit).
  • Need for ductwork installation/modification.
  • Labor and contractor's location.

Ask and compare quotes from at least three best air conditioning contractors in Hammond, LA. It will help you find the best deals out there.

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