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Shipping furniture overseas - How does it work?

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Shipping furniture overseas

No matter whether you make furniture that you want to sell to somebody who is living overseas or you are planning on moving your home to another country, you need to know just how shipping furniture overseas works. There are plenty of things this process requires, especially when moving home. This is why we decided to give you some pointers on this topic. Shipping furniture overseas when moving abroad is sort of a long process and it requires a lot of focus. This is because this is a process with lots of steps. But this should not worry you. By the end of this article, you will be know how to finish the entire process without worries or stress. So, if you want to have a stress-free overseas relocation of your belongings, here's where you can read all you need to know.

Does it pay off to ship furniture overseas?

There is a question, a very frequent one, that a lot of people think of when this is in question. Does it pay off to ship your furniture overseas when moving? Well, this actually depends on lots of things. If the furniture is the only thing you are shipping, then yes, it can be a good idea to do so. It also depends on where and how you are shipping your furniture which is a topic we will touch on later.

This is why before you make the final decision on what you will be doing, you have to put everything down on a piece of paper and calculate the expenses. And you will be able to do so after we tell you what shipping furniture overseas requires. In some cases, it is a very good way to save some money but there are situations when doing so is not so useful.

Furniture items.
There are times when shipping furniture overseas is not a good idea.

Ways to ship furniture overseas

The first thing we have to cover is just what are some of the ways you can ship your furniture overseas. There are two ways of shipping it and it is air shipping and cargo shipping. To ship your furniture by plane, you will need a lot of money. Airfreight is generally much more expensive than sea freight as it is faster. But not a lot of furniture gets airfreighted. It isn't very convenient to do so as furniture is heavy and paying so much just isn't worth it. It would be a better idea to simply buy completely new furniture.

But that is not to be said about sea freight. It is much more affordable hence why when people are shipping furniture overseas they transfer it as cargo. Seafreight is safe as most things are shipped this way so you do not have to worry about your things getting damaged. But there is one thing you surely have to think very well through.

Which cargo transfer company to hire?

In order to ship anything as cargo, you have to hire a shipping company. There are plenty of them. You can hire a company based in the country you currently live in or any other international shipping company. Before you hire one, make sure to do enough research on all the available options. There are plenty of companies such as Easy Move KW that have lots of experience when it comes to shipping furniture and such things.

Sea freight is much more affordable.
Sea freight is much more affordable.

You can find a company to hire online. You can ask people you know for recommendations if they have any. No matter how you hear of a company, doing online research is necessary. You have to find out as much information as you can before you hire one. If you want your things to be delivered to the destination without any damage, you have to hire a reliable team to handle the process. There are dozens of websites where you can read other people's experiences with such companies so we recommend doing just that.

Prepare your furniture for shipping

Once you have found and hired the shipping company, when the date of the move starts to come near, you have to prepare your furniture for shipping. It isn't enough to just wrap it into foil and call it a day. We would suggest doing more than that if you really want to save as much money as you can and to protect your furniture.

If the furniture in question is completely wooden then we believe that it is best to also use some bubble pack or styrofoam for extra protection. You can also use blankets for this. If moving things such as sofas, armchairs and similar, we suggest getting them cleaned first. You will be packing them nicely for the relocation anyways. This way you won't have to get your furniture cleaned after relocation. This will make settling into your new home much easier. It will be as though you have purchased new furniture for your new home.

A living room.
Get your furniture cleaned.

You can also have professionals do the packing for you if you wish to. This is going to speed up the process. They will also make sure to disassemble the furniture so you do not have to do that part of the process either. It just makes handling everything much easier.

Should you ship your furniture?

Now that you know what it takes to ship furniture overseas, are you thinking of still going through with you plan? If you find your pieces to be valuable or rare to find because it is antique furniture then yes, take them with you. But if you feel like you will need new furniture after some time, it is best to just ditch the plan and buy new furniture after relocation.

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