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Designing an easy-to-clean house

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Itís easy to get carried away when designing your own home. We tend to think more about the aesthetic side of home design and disregard its maintenance. The truth is you donít have to sacrifice either of these design elements to get the home that youíve been dreaming about.

You can easily design a visually appealing place that is both practical and easy to maintain. Here are some practical ideas on how to design an easy-to-clean house.

1.Right color palette

Believe it or not, the color palette of your home can make a big impact on how easy-to-clean your house is. Colors and color schemes have a lot to do with psychology and perception. You already know that painting a room in lighter colors can make it seem bigger and brighter, but did you know that rooms painted in lighter colors can also appear cleaner?

Thatís right, a simpler and lighter color scheme leaves that sort of psychological effect, making the room look cleaner. However, you may argue by saying that lighter colors are not stain-friendly and youíd be right.
So, think about choosing slightly darker hues that wonít appear too dark but will still do a good job concealing stains.

2.Installing wallpaper

If you prefer wallpaper in your home, there are certain cleaning tips you should know about. Compared to simple painted walls, itís not a secret that wallpapers collect dust, grease, and grime. However, wallpapers can be cleaned and maintained with just a couple of simple tools and supplies.

Dust your wallpaper regularly every two months or monthly if you live in a high-dust area. Also, try going for wallpapers that are durable and easy to clean - vinyl and fiberglass wallpapers are resistant to moisture which makes them super easy to scrub and clean.

When installing wallpaper, install them in places where youíll be able to reach and clean them.

3.Smooth surfaces

When choosing the surfaces in your house our best recommendation would be to go smooth. Smooth surfaces are easier to clean - the smoother the better! So, what does smooth imply? Tiles, laminate, PVC, hardwood, stone, and marble are maintenance-friendly.

There is no reason not to go for wall-to-wall carpet, there are also ways to keep it clean. However, maintaining a carpet will take much more effort than letís say a laminate floor.

You wonít have trouble removing stains from smooth surfaces whereas dealing with a stained carpet can be a problem.

4.Prevention of dust accumulation

Every home is bound to have dust in it Ė there is no way around it. However, there are some things that you can do to prevent excessive dust accumulation. You can start by designing a home without areas and surfaces that attract dust.

Carpets, furniture covers, throw pillows, curtains Ė all of these are considered to be dust collectors. Textile curtains attract a lot of dust and small particles and debris, especially when the windows are open. But can you really imagine your home without any of these items in it? This is why cleaning your home regularly can help you a lot.
When cleaning your home donít forget to vacuum the curtains, and wash them every three months. The same goes for furniture covers and bedding. If all this seems way too huge for you, donít forget that you can always count on professional help. Professionals from Simply Spotless Cleaning are experts at what they do and they can help you maintain your home the way you want to.

5.Easy-to-move furniture

To keep your home maintained and clean, youíll need to clean every nook and cranny. This means behind and under every piece of furniture. And moving furniture is not easy, especially if itís bulky and heavy.

Since youíre trying to design an easy-to-clean home, the best tip we can give you is to consider buying furniture that is easy to move. This type of furniture will make the cleaning process much easier and it will also save you a ton of time. You wonít have trouble moving the furniture and thoroughly cleaning your whole house.

6.Opt for a minimalistic style

Clutter is what comes in the way of cleaning our homes regularly. Too many unnecessary things and things that donít have their place are all considered clutter and they find a way to accumulate in our homes. With so much clutter lying around our homes - cleaning becomes tedious.

This is where minimalistic style can be of great help. Keep only the essential items and furniture pieces in your home. Everything else has no place in your home. If you design your home in this manner, youíll never have a problem with clutter, and cleaning it wonít be a chore.

7.Make better use of bookshelves

Books are another thing that collects incredible amounts of dust. To make cleaning easier donít be afraid to donate the books you no longer want and keep those that you want. With fewer books, youíll be able to make better use of all your bookshelves.

When arranging your books on shelves, try not to overcrowd the shelves. There needs to be space for you to be able to use a feather duster between them and dust everything off.

8.Use practical storage solutions

Yet another reason for clutter is insufficient storage space. To avoid clutter in your home, make sure you find ways to implement practical storage solutions. Find ways to make use of unused spaces such as under the couch space, under the bed, space under the stairs as storage.

Use alternative storage solutions such as pegboards, hanging organizers, baskets, boxes, and so on. Having enough storage in your home will prevent clutter and make cleaning much easier.

Designing your home in a certain way is merely a step towards having a clean house. It is much more about how regularly you clean your home and keep it clutter-free. An easy-to-clean home design is there to make things easier on you and to motivate you to create a cleaning routine and stick to it.

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