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Best Eco-Friendly Baby Room Tips

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Preparing for your baby's arrival or re-decorating the baby room to be even better, are both exciting times. Every parent wants what's best for their child and, it's easy to get carried away, even with the best intentions. Breaking the bank comes naturally when you shop or decorate the nursery but more expensive does not always equal better. Practical solutions that have their roots and design ideas from Mother Nature can do wonders in these times. With a bit of googling, some research and a dash of elbow grease, you can transform that room into your ideal picture. The most important step is to get started as there is no time like the present.

1. Natural lights

Sunlight plays a vital role in our lives. From physical as it helps produce that vitamin D to physiological. Your baby can only benefit from its room being lit with sunlight most of the day. If your nursery is exposed to the sunny side of your haven, then it makes sense to capitalize on that. You can always install gentle blinds around your windows so that you have complete control over just how much sunlight enters the room. Parents with children know the importance of plan B, and in this scenario, those are LED lights. Not only do they have money, but they produce less heat and last longer. Both natural sunlight and LED lights help your home budget by saving you a nice sum which you can then use for your baby.

2. Clothes can be much more

Your baby's skin is so delicate and gentle that it can hardly be said with words. As it adapts to the world and its surroundings, it needs all the help it can get. Babies "feel" the world around them with their skin and learn a lot from contact. Their clothes need to be special in the same way as babies are. Having quality and natural baby clothes from Australia made from sustainable eco-friendly sources and organic materials. Synthesis, polyester and similar are a no-no and hard pass when it comes to choices regarding baby clothes. Cotton and hypoallergenic are the magic words that you should always opt for.

3. Colours matter

Colours can have a physiological and lasting impact on us, that much is a proven fact. When designing and painting the baby's room, the safe bet is going for pastel and neutral, gentle tones. You can, however, be a dash daring and paint something colourful and vibrant, to inspire energy and creativity. Before you start googling and painting away, always remember that you know your baby best. With that in mind, you know what can of person your baby is and into what you would like it to grow up to be so you can paint accordingly.

Use water-based paints as they are non-toxic and avoid any heavy lead paints. Be prepared for the walls to get messy, as this is how your child will express itself. Drawing on walls is inevitable and expected. It should be encouraged a bit. The best part about wall design is that it's not forever. Your child grows up quickly, and you can re-paint and re-design plenty of times during the process. As your baby gets a bit older you can include it in the decision-making process, about colours and styles.

4. Multifunction Accessories

Everything baby-related in the room is important. The crib and changing station will, naturally, be used non-stop once the baby comes, so it pays off to pick wisely. Anything made from wood is a dash of tradition and longevity. This is an area where modern design doesn't stray too far away from tradition, and you can find plenty of wooden cribs. Changing stations can be of triple use. You can swap the changing area for a mini bath, and the below is for storage in various designs available. If something can have multifunction’s with it, you are already saving valuable money and space by not buying all of these items separately. One more thing to note here is to stock up on diapers, cloths, powder, wipes and napkins. In general, if it can be stored away safely and for a long period, you can save a bit of cash by buying them in bulk and on sales.

While all of this may seem like too much, and there is a lot more info out there, the best thing to do is to get started. Step by step and bit by bit and you will have your dream unfold in front of you in no time. Taking that first step and daringly venturing into the next adventure and chapter of your life will create lasting memories for times to come. In the end, you will have the perfect nursery that you always wanted for your most precious thing in the whole wide world. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

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