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How to incorporate more wooden furniture into your office

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You are relocating your office and have just been thinking how it might be the best time to buy furniture and add new life to it. However, you are faced with a dilemma: do you go with the casual office furniture, or is it time to try something new? Well, we believe that you should try something different. With that said, let's see how you can incorporate more wooden furniture into your office and, with it, freshen up the whole place.

Why you should incorporate more wooden furniture into your office?

Before we tell you how to use more wood in your office, let's quickly talk about why you should use it, to begin with.

  • The first reason to add more wooden pieces into your office is durability. We know that nobody thinks of durability today when you can buy cheap plastic office furniture. But if you were to pay more for wooden furniture, it could last you a lifetime and become a staple of your office.
  • The second reason why you might want to add wooden pieces into your office is sustainability. Wood is a natural material, and if you pick where you buy your furniture, you can limit the damage you and your employees do to the planet.
  • The third reason to use wooden furniture is to show your clients and competitors that you have a better taste. Having a better-furnished office will make your competitors jealous. Furthermore, it's bound to earn respect of your clients.
  • Finally, it can make your employees less stressed and more productive. Everybody knows that all offices today look the same. That can make you and your worker depressed. Avoid the depression by buying styles furniture made of wood.

While redoing the office, you'll undoubtedly have the surplus of furniture that you no longer have enough space for. A suitable option for extra inventory, however, might be the business storage solution. There are professional companies offering such services that promise to keep your goods safe by providing you with secure storage containers. It's through storing the excess furniture in these that you make room in the office for new and improved wooden pieces.

Replace your doors

The first step you can take to have more wood in your office is to replace doors. In the majority of today's offices, wooden doors are replaced with glass ones so that employers can monitor their employees easily. But you don't necessarily need them. In fact, you are better off monitoring your worker's results as they will tell you if they're doing a good enough job. With that said, to give yourself and your worker privacy, replace your doors. Just make sure to contact a professional who will measure all of your doors and install new ones correctly. By changing up the doors and décor in the working area, you can boost productivity in your office by a tenfold.

To incorporate more wooden furniture into your office, change your floors

The second step to using more wood in your office is redoing your floors. Today, most offices are covered with ugly gray carpets that suck the soul out of the room. You can add new life to your office with some wooden parquet. We just have to warn you not to replace your floors alone. Instead, hire a professional to do it. The only thing you should concern yourself with is picking the most beautiful wooden floor. For the change to take place, though, you'll need to temporarily move the existing office furniture off site. As far as storing it until the job is complete, it's important to learn the right way to do it. And by right way, we mean store it somewhere safe and sound for the time being.

New desks

The third step in adding more wood to your office is to deal with the desks. Most offices these days have desks with metal frames and a glass top. Glass desks might seem charming at the beginning until you realize how quickly the glass gets dirty and scratched. The simplest way to add more wooden furniture is to replace all of the desks in your office. And if you can afford to do it, you should get brand new desks, as we said, wooden furniture can last you a lifetime with proper care.

But if you don't have the money to do that, there is a more affordable option. You can hire someone to replace the glass desktops of your old desk with wooden desktops. Getting everything to replace might take some time, but it will save you money. Moreover, the change in the ambiance will increase the productivity of your workers, and in the end, help you generate profit.

To incorporate more wooden furniture into your office, replace office partitions

The fourth step to get more wood into your office is to get new dividers. Office partitions are present in every modern office. They are a simple solution that adds price and does not waste extra space. Most office dividers are generally made out of plastic that can get boring after a while. By adding wooden office dividers, you can help your employees feel more important and less stressed on the job. But if you are worried that too many dark colors can be too bleak for an office, you can always add wood to the corners of the office partitions.

Get new chairs

The fifth step in adding more furniture to your office is to replace some of your chairs. Since most of us work in the office, modern office chairs have become very comfortable to prevent back pain from sitting too much. In most cases, you do not need to replace your office chairs, especially those on wheels, with wooden chairs. But we do recommend getting wooden chairs in meeting rooms. Having a complete wooden meeting room can give you more confidence, and the wooden armrest can make your clients more relaxed.


We have shown you some of the ways to incorporate more wooden furniture into your office and change the vibe of your office. You can find more ways to get wooden furniture into your office. Just remember not go overboard, as wooden furniture is challenging to move

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