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Marc Fish Furniture Creation

Marc Fish Furniture Creation

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Marc Fish and 'robinson house studio' have fast gained
international acclaim with Marc's work becoming very sought after. The limited nature of the Signature series - only one piece
produced annually makes his work highly collectable.
Marc's work is constantly striving to blur the traditional boundaries of furniture, art, design and sculpture. " it is not my intention to be
allocated a particular style or be described within a preconceived
discipline, I want my work to transcend past these barriers"
Marc's pieces are not constructed from a completed design process but an evolution of ideas, which resulting from an initial concept comes together utilising innovation and experimentation.
Last year Marc was awarded the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers highest award The Claxton Stevens Award. L'Orchidée completed in 2010 was awarded a Guild Mark and then The Claxton Stevens Award which is given to the best Guild Mark piece from that year.
L'Orchidée was inspired by the work of Art Nouveau furniture
designer Louis Majorelle, his series of the same name featured a desk which combined many innovative features of the 1890s, Marc's desk also follows that vein with innovate features such as the aluminum dovetailed drawer sides and the seamless veneered
tambour top.

Nautilus 2011 has come about with the support of exceptional
patrons. The role of a client is usually that of financial reward as a compromise for artistic freedom. The role of a patron is less
restrictive, when the patron enjoys the process of giving the artist freedom to express his true creativity, then and only then truly
exceptional work will be created. Nautilus was born in this
An experimental piece that has embraced modern computer aided technology and combined it with innovative constructional
techniques. The layering of over 4000 individual pieces of walnut and sycamore veneer has created the logarithmic spiral found on the Nautilus.
This perfection commonly found in nature is often the source of
inspiration. The proportions of the Nautilus shell never change no matter how large their growth, these proportions following the
classical order of the Golden Ratio. A more perfect form might not be found. The table has a texture replicating the outside of the shell, created by hand carving the fluted growth patterns. Inside a satin sheen has been created which runs smoothly round into the
chambered area replicated in Japanese lace paper.
Limited in edition of only two. Awarded Guild Mark number 435
by the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers in 2011.Marc Fish runs robinson house studio which provides furniture making courses and cabinet making courses, also including cabinet making, furniture design and woodwork courses. Furniture Making Courses that has a heavy element of design, innovation and experimentation. UK based maker of fine furniture using a mix of traditional cabinet making and contemporary furniture design. Marc is a skilled cabinet maker working in London, Brighton and surrounding Sussex.

Marc Fish has many years experience as a bespoke cabinet maker offering contemporary furniture design to discerning clients. View the diverse range of finest hand-crafted furniture painstakingly constructed with skills that span decades. For bespoke cabinet makers, contemporary furniture design or fine furniture Marc Fish is able to offer what is probably some of the best fine furniture in England. if you feel that the world of bespoke fine furniture is a journey you would like to undertake, contact Marc at 'robinson house studio'. All clients receive personal service and every piece is handcrafted.

All furniture making and cabinet making courses are Based in Newhaven, East Sussex, five miles outside Brighton, UK, 'robinson house studio' also has a bench rental scheme which runs alongside Marc's studio. This facility helps those wishing to start as furniture makers.

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  1. contmporist's Avatar
    The innovation just completely blew me away. I can't even begin to understand how these pieces are made!
  2. Unregistered's Avatar
    Amazing furniture !!!! Congratulations.
  3. Unregistered's Avatar
    Beautiful furniture !!!!
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