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Amish Dining Room Tables

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ID:	2196When it comes to looking for the right type of furniture for your home and especially your dining room, nothing beats the quality of Amish dining room tables.

One of the great things about shopping for Amish furniture for any room in your home is the quality, selection and rich beauty you will find in each piece. Amish furniture is all original too with each piece being custom built for you to your desired specifications. Why buy just a dining room table when you could invest what becomes a family heirloom?

Your Choices for Amish Dining Room Tables

When you shop at Amish Originals Furniture Company, you are not just shopping for Amish dining tables. There are choices to make between the selections available for tables for your dining room. The four main choices are leg tables, pedestal tables, trestle tables and pub tables. Within each of these categories are different styles to choose from as well. For example, the leg tables alone have 25 choices available including things such as the Aspen Table style and the Easton Table.

You will also be choosing things such as which type of wood you want when choosing between Amish dining tables. Tables come in various woods including oak, cherry, maple and hickory, just to name a few. All of this helps you get the best quality for the style and look you want to match your home and unique taste. In addition, you can opt for different finishes before having your Amish table custom built for your home.

You also get to custom select the table edges your table will have, as well as the legs. This helps complete the look and make it specific to your taste. From beveled edges to the Queen Anne Edge, you will have multiple options for edging. When it comes to table legs, there are many choices to make. In fact we presently have 14 styles to choose from to customize the look of your dining room table.

What Makes Them Amish Dining Tables Specifically?

Aside from the use of only the finest and most durable kiln-dried American hardwoods, the craftsmanship is what makes these tables in a category all of their own. These furniture building techniques have been passed down through generations of families within the Amish communities. It is not unusual to have three generations of the same family working on your Amish dining tables together. We work with more than 70 families in the Northeast Ohio region to bring you the selection, quality and time-honored tradition furniture building that helps make a house a home.
These sturdy pieces will also last for generations to come. This the type of quality you get from Amish dining room tables when you shop with us. You’ll be able to see the detail and hard work devoted to every step of the process, from the sanding and sawing to the dovetailing and fitting. We are proud to offer customers the finest in Amish home furnishings from the time-honored tradition of the Amish communities within the state of Ohio. Make this tradition part of your home.

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