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Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom

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Donít become one of the many people who allow a busy lifestyle and limited budget keep them from having the bedroom theyíve always wanted. Yes, it will take some cash and a bit of focused attention, but the results will be well worth it in the end. You have the power to not only make your bedroom look better but to make it feel like your dream getaway. Imagine your bags are packed and ready for a long holiday. After youíve arrived at your destination, what does the bedroom look like? What makes it unique and appealing to you? Use these elements as motivation for your new bedroom design. It doesnít matter if you relax better in a Hilton suite or a log cabin overlooking a lake, take your favourite aspects from that bedroom, and put it into yours. This isnít to say you must physically go to these locations for inspiration. Today, you can find the ideas that suit you perfectly simply by paging through travel magazines or surfing the internet.

Appearance of a bed

Because the bed is usually the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom, itís the first thing people notice. The appearance of a bed should make you want to sink right in and stay awhile. One way to do this is by piling soft pillows on a down comforter. White is a classic colour for down and seems to speak of luxury, but itís unfortunately very challenging to keep clean. You may rather enjoy a dark colour or a trendy pattern. Also donít feel like everything on the bed has to follow the same pattern. Remember that you must find ways to put your personality into the decor; otherwise your bedroom will end up looking like everyone elseís. For instance, you may want to overlay your headboard with lace or on the contrary paint a mural onto it. Itís your bedroom, so anything goes.

Bedroom Colour

One of the cheapest ways to redecorate your room is to change the colour. Some people revel in saturating their entire room with a favorite colour while others only want to paint an accent wall. Whichever you decide, youíll be pleasantly surprised at how different a new colour will make you feel. Actually, studies show that different colours can inspire different emotions. If you want to intensify affection, purple or red is a good choice. Orange and yellow tend to make people feel strong and lively while neutral colours can help you stay focused. Lavender, blue and green are among the most popular colours for a bedroom because they are soothing colours. If your bedroom is on the small side, try using paint that has a bit of sheen to it; the light that is then reflected off the walls will make your bedroom seem much roomier.

Bedside Lamps and Lighting

Lighting is one of those things that not many people think of when decorating a room but can actually make a huge difference. While natural light is best for the day, there are many different options to change up the lighting in the evenings. While identical lamps on either side of the bed offer a formal look, different lamp bases can also work; all you need to do to tie them together is to give them matching lampshades. A tassel fringe around the lampshades will give a hint of elegance to your room. If you enjoy a vintage look, check out chandeliers which never cease to put a bit of romance in the air; theyíre much more affordable than you think. Additionally, candle fixtures cast a lovely glow on the walls for special evenings or nights when you just want to curl up with a good book.

Personal fingerprint items to decorate the bedroom

Even if you have a luxurious bed and marvelous lighting, the room wonít be complete until youíve left a few personal fingerprint items around the room. These are simply items that are uniquely yours such as photographs, family heirlooms or even a wall hanging from an international trip. Whether you prefer classic art or abstract art, look for a painting to display in your bedroom, or maybe you would rather a sculpture. If youíre looking for great art, save yourself some cash and check out some of the art at a local student exhibition. Even though it will cost less, the quality is usually just as good if not better than that of professional artists. Finally, think about gathering a hodgepodge of special moment photographs in one frame or a collage of different frames on your wall. These could be made up of family vacations or your childrenís births. The important thing is that the chosen photographs remind you of some of your happiest memories.

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