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10 Amazing Sofas

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1. Nubola Sofa, design: Gaetano Pesce from Meritalia

Name:  meritalia_sofa_nubola_05.jpg
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Nubola is a solid, comfortable and soft sofa which can be easily recognized by dimension and functionality. It is fraught of big coloured buttons. The sofa seems to be created from a cloud. Its own solid and steady form of a common sofa changes, moulds, bellies out with the same texture of the air which is prisoner of various textile coverings.

2. Dunder Sofa by Stefan Borselius from Blĺ Stationen

Name:  dunder_12.jpg
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All we need are pillows! A Section-sofa and Easy-chair range, containing one corner-, one left-, one right-, one middle-section and one footstool. Together they can be used linked or as freestanding units. Innerframe of steel, padding of moulded polyurethane, down filling. Covered with fabric or leather.

3. Cut Sofa & Chair, design: Domenico De Palo from Antidiva

Name:  antidiva_cut01.jpg
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This nice contemporary furniture design cuts substance down to a minimum. The minimal impact of the sofa
and chair is overpowering when you consider that despite its minimal appearance, it can easily accommodate
multiple guests for seating.

4. DS 152, design: Jane Worthington from De Sede

Name:  desede_ds152_02.jpg
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The DS-152 has been designed as a haven of snug shelter and relaxation. This is already evident in its unusual shape: a softly formed oval styling. There is plenty of room for two people on the comfortable seating surface surrounded by its generously upholstered ringlike back and armrests. One important aspect of relaxation in our media age is easy access to electronic entertainment. Available as an option is a flat-screen monitor that can be incorporated to transform this ultra-comfortable sofa into a multimedia control centre for TV, video, DVD or Internet.

5. Anfibio Sofa Bed from Giovannetti

Name:  Anfibio_04.jpg
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Design: Alessandro Becchi, 1970. Although Anfibio’s unique timeless style has remained constant over the years, this cult classic has been continually updated with innovations, making it ever more multi – use functional.

6. Hahn Sofa from Room & Board

Name:  roomandboard_hahn_10.jpg
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Renowned for his sculptural examples of mid-20th-century modernism, Vladimir Kagan designed the Hahn sofa
just for us. A testament to his love of organic shapes, this amazing design will inspire you. Tight seat and back.
Dimensions: 91w 42d 32h Inside Seating: 91w 22d Seat Height: 17h Removable Leg: all

7. Morena Sofa from Leolux

Name:  leolux_morena_09.jpg
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Design: Stefan Heiliger, 2010. Sculptural form melting towards the floor. This collection is striking “melting” forms ensure that the elements flow into one another and create a truly convincing look. Combining several elements offers many options, helped by the oblique flowing lines that fit perfectly over one another whenever the elements are pushed together. Majestic in leather, warm and vivacious in fabric coverings.

8. Archipel Sofa from Leolux

Name:  leolux_archipel_06.jpg
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Drifting islands, boulders in the river with adjustable parts. The elements of Archipel sit in your living room like giant rocks. Their craggy shapes offer countless sitting and reclining options, all provided with the right support thanks to the adjustable back sections (option). The footstool is available in three variants: storage footstool, seat footstool or flexible footstool with a rotatable tabletop. The matching lounge table is fitted with a glass top.

9. On The Rocks Sofa, design: Francesco Binfarč from Edra

Name:  edra_onterocks_13.jpg
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Composed of four irregularly shaped, independent elements, three polygons and a quadrilateral, on moulded polypropylene and rubber feet. The elements can be placed together along the various sides to obtain myriad patterns with modularity, governed by the laws of plane geometry, multiplied exponentially. The shapes, without frame and any rigid support, are modeled by moulding a mixture, protected by an international patent, of "Gellifoam" and other foams, some of which are commonly used in aerospace applications, to ensure a special, almost sensual, softness. The range also includes two flexible backs, in different sizes, which can be positioned as required and joined together by means of two disks of special heat-formed rubber which can easily be removed for washing. The polyurethane shapes, pliant thanks to the extra softness of the mixture, are lined with a special stretch fabric that enables the shape to spring back. The covers, tight-fitting like a t-shirt, are fitted over the items and fastened, to adapt to the ergonomic bending of the foam and "Gellifoam" mixture, by seams along the vertical sides only of the various elements. Like a proper suit, the upholstery has been made up in a range of fabrics designed by Monica Mazzei and produced exclusively for Edra.

10. Boa Sofa, design: Fernando Campana & Humberto Campana from Edra

Name:  edra_boa_09.jpg
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Softly woven, it resembles a large nest that also holds many people – lying down, sitting or curled up - who can also crawl inside the weave to feel even more protected. With no frame, it consists of 90 meters of tubular velvet filled with flexible and breathable polyurethane chips, knotted with extreme manual expertise to form a large irregular weave. Upholstery in velvet only.

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