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Pierre Cruise

Why You Need To Use Teak For Your Outdoor Furniture

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If you are looking for the best wood material for your outdoor furniture, it’s time to talk about teak.

Teak has always been a symbol of prowess and royalty. In the 7th century, it had been the staple furniture material for the rich and the powerful. It was even used to build ships conducive to worldwide explorations.

Why should you use teak for your outdoor furniture?

1. Durability

The durability of teak is not just tested but also proven. Among other wood types, teak can retain its innate oil and rubber even after processing. This oil protects the wood from rotting due to various causes like moisture, changes in humidity, even fungi and other parasites. The best part is, you don’t have to weatherproof your furniture regularly since it already has inherent protection.

2. Sustainability

With proper treatment, teak wood furniture can last for decades. In fact, the best condition for teak is if it is eight decades old. And because it takes that long to harvest the best kind, most teak wood furniture are reclaimed to recreate new ones.

Your outdoor furniture is important as a functional embellishment for your home. But oftentimes, it is the least prioritized since it is not used frequently. In this case, sustainability is important so you won’t have to change your outdoor furniture often.

3. Elegance

Teak wood has versatility. Whether you are for contemporary designs or vintage ones, it can easily complement your theme of choice. To add, you don’t have to go overboard in designing it since it already has a design on its own. As a matter of fact, its color changes from honey brown to silver gray as time goes on.

4. Value for Money

It is undeniable that teak wood is expensive. But come to think of it, isn’t $1,000 worth of Grade A teak wood furniture—which can last up to 10-70 years—way cheaper than replacing a $300 set annually?

And since teak wood can be reclaimed, you can re-sell your outdoor furniture for almost the same price you bought it.

Aside from its advantages, you need to have a background of teak wood so that you will select only the best for your home.

What are the types of Teak Wood?

Grade A teak wood is the most expensive of its kind as it can last for a lifetime. This type is taken from the heartwood which is the core of the tree. The distinct characteristics of teak wood are the uniformity of its every grain, richness of oil, and absence of knot. Putting on teak oil is also futile (and may damage it even) since it already has luster by itself.

Grade C teak wood is the choice of thrifty buyers. It may be the lowest grade, but it is not far behind all other wood types in the market. Grade C teak wood has a darker shade with inconsistent white spots.

Can you suggest some tips on selecting the right kind of teak wood? Help your fellow readers by posting your tips in the comments section below.

About the Author:
Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook , an excellent source of information and reviews about patio and outdoor furniture

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