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Beds to Purchase

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Majority of the people today see the bed for sleeping and relaxing. Personally, I think your bed is your best friend. It caresses you, when youíre lonely and alone. It catches your tears when you cry. It comforts you when youíre cold. Itís also a witness to your happy moments, such as talking to your crush over the phone while you lie flat blushing.

All of these can be done with your regular bed. But imagine doing them with these awesome beds:

Snuggle bed
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This love bed made by Mehdi Mojtabvi is perfect for couples who love to nuzzle. Its partitions are made of soft sturdy cotton, perfect for people who change sleeping positions throughout the night. The partitions also serve as wedge for arms, feet and even the head, so you can have more room to snuggle close to your significant other.

Burger Bed

Burgers, anyone? Do you still think of burgers even in your sleep? If youíre a sucker for burgers, this bed is perfect for you. The soft mattress will give you all the hugs that you need. Lie on your mattress patty, while the soft buns wrap around your body.

Name:  burger-bed-2.jpg
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The Mercedes Sleep

Inspired by world-renown Mercedes Benz, this bed will surely knock you off your feet. Its frame replicates a classic Mercedes Benz 8 Coupe model that will entice fans to spend more time on their bed. It is also complete with light wipers, turn signals and hood light.

Name:  Mercedes_Bed_Art_Car.jpg
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Space Bed

When I was little, Iíve always dreamed of sleeping on a spaceship. This bed, designed by LOMMO, made my dreams come true. This unique touch to contemporary types of bed comes with sound, light and a massage therapy making you feel a little bit moreÖ lost in space.

Name:  Futuristic-Lommo-Bed_0.jpg
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Name:  Futuristic-Lommo-Bed_8.jpg
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Name:  Futuristic-Lommo-Bed_16.jpg
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Facebook Bed

Canít get enough of Facebook? Hereís a type of bed that will suit you. Facebook bed is the idea of Pierre Stephane Dumas. Its headboard provides an area for your computer, making it hard for you to leave your bed and allowing you to stay online all day.

Name:  Computer-Facebook-Bed.jpg
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Name:  FacebookBed.jpg
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Star Fighter Bed

Our fantasy of flying a Star Wars ship has now come true! Thanks to Posh Tots, you can now be Obi-Wan Kenobi or Hans Solo taking a nap before the next intergalactic fight. This rare Star Ship Bed starts at $18,000. You wouldnít mind spending for your passion, right?

Name:  star-fighter-bed.jpg
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Round Bed

This bed is made of polyester lacquer finish. Whatís unique about this bed compared to other round beds is the table attached on three points on its circumference. You can also choose to put latex or a sprung mattress. This idea is from the great minds of the designers at Sybarite UK.

Name:  4qnxmwg.jpg
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If you were given the chance to take home one of these beds, which one would you choose? Tell us more about it in the comments section below.

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