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Pierre Cruise

Fantastic Outdoor Lamps and Lights

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Outdoor lamps and lights are often the most neglected outdoor furniture. Although it is primarily for lighting up outdoor areas of your house during nighttime, you may commit a mistake by selecting average-looking light pieces that do not complement your patio or house design.

There’s nothing wrong about being simple. However if you would be spending money on your outdoor furniture, you might as well make the expenditure worth it. Here are stylish outdoor lamps and lights that will beautify your home, day or night.

Garden Lights

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Your guests will find that walking through a dark garden is not at all an enticing idea. Plus, you would not want your guests to overlook the landscape of your garden just because it’s nighttime. So to solve all these, this garden light is creatively designed with natural materials like granite, stainless steel, and premium teak. This particular design is able to work both as a light and as an ambient piece of outdoor furniture.

Trendy Solar Lights

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If you want a piece of outdoor furniture that mixes style with practicality, then these trendy solar lights are perfect for you. These lights will save you from the messy ordeal of setting up electrical cords and plugs when you need to use them. As long as it has direct access to sunlight during the day, you can leave these solar lights outdoors to charge up and then light your patio for the entire night. However, it is not recommended for areas with constant rainfall.

Modern Designs

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If you are more concerned about style, outdoor furniture designers have come up with contemporary and fashionable designs for outdoor lamps and lights.

Take for instance this design by Josep Lluís Xuclà. It is not just creative but also scientific. It employed optics to creatively and strategically cast the right intensity of light that will create an esoteric atmosphere.

Vintage Lamps

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If you are rooting for a Spanish-style or Mediterranean patio which usually uses vintage outdoor furniture, these vintage lamps would be the perfect addition to your themed patio. The amber and bronze finish blends well with Victorian neighborhoods, thereby recreating a classical experience for you and your guests.

String Lights

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If you think that string lights are just appropriate for the Christmas season, this design just proves you wrong. Another fresh idea for your patio or outdoor garden is to use string lights. It creates a more festive feeling which is welcoming for you and your guests.

Remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining. Use these outdoor lamps and lights as your shining armor against the darkness of the night.

Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about outdoor, garden and patio furniture.

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