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Pierre Cruise

How to Set Up Your Patio Umbrella Light

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Arranging and organizing your patio involves a collection of procedures in handling the different outdoor furniture used. You may follow your instinct in setting up each fixture. However, following tried-and-tested mechanics makes room for less errors and yields more efficient results.

If you have decided on using a light for your patio umbrella, it is important to know which type is compatible with the latter’s design. This will help you create strategies to attach your light to your patio umbrella easily. Here are some common types of patio umbrella lights and how to properly set them up:

1. Lamp-like

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Usually, lamp-like umbrella lights are already attached to the umbrella itself when you buy it. But if you are a thrifty buyer, you would opt to buy an umbrella and set up a lamp-like one separately.

The advantage of lamp-like umbrella lights is that it focuses more light on the insides of the umbrella which makes it ideal for playing cards with friends, reading a book, or setting up a buffet table.

How to set it up:
Most patio umbrellas have movable clamps used to hold lamps inside. You would have to move this clamp first up the pole and stop at your desired height. Tighten the clamp so that it becomes stable, and then hook the lamp to it.

2. String-type

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Perhaps, string-type lights remind you of Christmas lights. But for the sake of creativity and versatility, these lights can still be used for any occasion.

String-type lights give a more festive feeling for your patio. Furthermore, it is easier to decorate you umbrella with this type since you can drape it anywhere. However, most string-type ones need to be plugged in an electrical outlet.

How to set it up:
Since string-types are more flexible, you can twist the cord on the ribs of the umbrella. If you want it more securely attached, you can also bind the cord to each rib by means of tying a string around it. Be creative in placing your lights.

Once you’re done, you would have to strategize how and where the thicker power cords should be arranged. Make sure that they do not obstruct any pathways to avoid accidents.

3. Globe-shaped

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If you want a mix of the festive feeling and the efficient lighting, globe-shaped lights are the best option for your patio. These lights, contained in distinctly-shaped globes, are made of different materials such as high-grade plastic, heat-resistant glass, or even capiz.

Globe-shaped lights concentrate less light than lamp-like ones which creates an ambient feeling for your patio. They can also be in series like string-type ones; however, the bulbs are bigger.

How to set it up:
Since these lights have bigger bulbs, you cannot just twist the cord on the ribs of the umbrella. However, they are much lighter than lamp-like ones, which would then give you the option to tie them into place.

How did you set up your umbrella lights? Share some tips to help your fellow readers.

Pierre Angela Cruz is a Marketing Consultant for Open Brook, an excellent source of information and reviews about outdoor, garden and patio furniture. Follow her on twitter @cruisepyer.

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