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Elinor high table

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Named for the artist’s grandmother, the Elinor High Table has a simple sophistication and elegant sparseness. Angular lines accentuate the gentle grain patterns running through the 100 year old reclaimed Chestnut, White Pine and Black Walnut. Hand wrought nails from the 19th century hold the table’s tongue-and-groove plank top to the sturdy trestle underneath. This old-school construction combined with the thoroughly modern design sense makes the Elinor High Table as classic as it is contemporary.
"The beauty of this table is that its strength and aesthetic appeal both come from the qualities inherent to the wood of which it is made."

The Elinor High Table measures 60”W x 36”D x 36”H
Wood Choices include: Black Walnut, Cherry, Chestnut all with White Pine

For information, or to make an order, please email us or call 213-784-2003.

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